This decorative paint gives the walls the appearance of metallic foil in a gold, silver or derivative color. It is a very visible, clear, distinctive effect due to the fact that, despite its metallic appearance it gives a velvety and pleasant to the touch surface. The variety of visual effects that was achieved by varying the ways of applying make Arthe Metal the decorative paint that can be applied to any arrangement.
A special feature of Arthe Metal decorative paint is that in about three weeks after application of the coating it is perfectly resistant to washing, which allows to connect its brilliant appearance with great functionality. What is not without significance is the fact that the results obtained with the use of Arthe Metal have a fractal structure: when looking at it from any distance you can see another “layer” and degrees of details so that the effects of the wall always looks different. The content of metallic additives, arranged in specific patterns during the finishing of applied paint makes the wall “comes alive” even illuminated with artificial light. Therefore Arthe Metal decorative paints are suitable both for painting whole large surfaces, as well as finishing details, for instance abacuses or pedestals, columns, pillars and small cabinetry, as well as furnitures with an artistic finishes.
Arthe Metal is very efficient paint, since one liter of it is sufficient to paint up to 10 meters of the surface, which is an excellent result for decorative paints. The fact that it gives a non-combustible layer is another advantage.


Decorative Paint Arthe Metal is very versatile. Depending on the method of application it can improve the appearance of every element of the design.

  • The walls can achieve the effect of gold foil. They will look as if they were covered with foil. Such a coverage can be perfectly symmetric with a design applied in one direction or consist of smaller “patches”, each of which is applied in a slightly different direction, what gives an additional lighting effects.
  • Columns and stucco plasters – when painted with decorative Arthe Metal paint completely change its appearance. In the case of columns its second, nonconformist nature is revealed, while the stucco on the contrary – clearly refer to the classic beauty.
  • The walls in metallic effect. Thanks to Arthe Metal paints smoothly metallized effect of the wall can also be achieved. This requires a change in the method of applying a decorative paint, but the effect changes beyond recognition – usually it is used to finish plasterboard installations and small partition walls.


  • Arthe Metal decorative paints can produce extraordinary visual effects. Although there are many paints giving a metallic effect, in case of Arthe Metal the effect is very clear and distinctive. This is partly the merit of the paint itself, and partly of the way it is applied, but the fact is that no other paint will produce a similar effect.
  • Secondly, Arthe Metal gives a very durable coating color. This paint does not lose its color under the influence of UV radiation, is resistant to washing, and does not fade with time.
  • Arthe Metal decorative paint is weatherproof. Therefore it works equally well indoors and outdoors, which allows a greater stylistic homogeneity of entire objects.


Arthe Metal decorative paint is applied in different ways depending on what effect is to be achieved. Penellato effect is achieved by applying in steps two coats of Arthe Metal paint. It is perfect when painting large surfaces.

Foglia Oro is an effect that requiers a dedicated tool. The result is a surface like a surface that looks as if it was covered with small pieces of metal plate with a distinctive metallic gloss.
Frise effect, generated after applying the decorative paint by a circular motion gives a fairly uniform, but also very illuminating and intriguing pattern, while Zephyro, typical, the simplest effects appears even without any special effort and without use of additional tools, but that does not mean that you do not need to know the technique of its application. Arthe Metal, like most decorative paints, requires patience and precision of work, if the effect is to be really good.

Arthe Metal is one of the decorative paints which can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Using the optional tool – ArtheMetal Tool is required for some effects, but in any case, before starting to work you need to have a ready concept of interior design, as Arthe Metal can give very different results, not necessarily in line with expectations if it is applied carelessly or unprofessionally.

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