Bucciato textured plaster, designed for interior and exterior surfaces, is based on selected grains of quartz and resin in an aqueous emulsion. Reinforced by additional microfibers it is strong, flexible and features excellent adhesion to various substrates. Completely waterproof plaster can be used as a decoration, but it also has an undeniable value as a reinforcing element, even for old walls.

The combination with Lumicca Antica paints, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea colors, provides an amazing aesthetic effects that can recreate memories of hilidays spent in the south of Europe . Paints of this family are perfectly resistant, characterized by a delicate, soft glow. Applied on the Bucciato structural plaster these paints enhance its design and structure.

Applications of Bucciato and Lumicca Antica combination are really various. Starting from creating a climate interiors, up to adding an inspiring appearance to external façades. In any application of plaster and paint combination it provides maximum protection for wall, perfectly strengthens it and is a barrier to dirt while passing moisture. Destruction resistant Bucciato plasters and Lumicca Antica paints allow you to create architectural masterpieces: beautiful, functional and perfect in every way. There is only one condition: all the layers must be applied perfectly in order to avoid the creation of imperceptible imperfections that will deteriorate aesthetic and functional values of the plaster.


  • Hallways and stairways become resistant to destruction and contamination by using Bucciato textured plaster. It is important because within the routes it is often necessary to renovate shells – Bucciato plaster does not require it for many years, and the Lumicca paint adds unique character to interiors, making the corridor and hallway look great.
  • External facades covered even with the simplest effect, meaning “village wall”, looks very good. It reminds buildings from the Mediterranean Sea region and attracts attention by its exotic look. They are also very resistant to external factors and adverse weather conditions, so that the coating does not require maintenance for a long time.
  • Installation of the drywall panels similarly: all of those are additional architectural elements, created for a specific purpose. It is rare that such an installation had serious aesthetic advantages. With structural plaster and Lumicca Antica paint it may change very quickly.


  • Bucciato structural plaster is very durable after being used in the system, resistant to impacts and scratches. Properly protected it becomes completely resistant to washing and even scrubbing. Thanks to the right mix of ingredients it is the waterproof product.
  • Flexible plaster basically does not react to weather changes, is very resistant to extreme temperatures, is not susceptible to microerosion and does not crack therefore it is the really high quality ground, proven not only by it’s look but especially it’s functionality.
  • Perfectly adhesive Bucciato quartz plaster can successfully perform the functions of the quartz base. The adhesion strength to the substrate is so large that there is no need to apply any other method of surface preparation before plaster application, except for ordinary priming.
  • Lumicca Antica paints are very resistant to weather conditions, do not fade when exposed to UV radiation and protect against the formation of stains. Additional advantages are the ease of application and considerable performance.


Bucciato plaster allows you to create a wide variety of aesthetic effects. They require the usage of different tools, but in any case the result is excellent . Such effects as Penello, Pasta or Spatolato are a great alternative to the classic structure effect achieved through a semi-circular stretching of applied substance.

To create some of the effects, for example Pasta effect, it is necessary to use dedicated tools, but other effects, like Spatolato, are created with the most ordinary spatula, obtaining excellent results.

Proper applying and plaster decorating technique is very important in all cases, since it only guarantees optimal effect. Especially if you need to finish larger areas, we recommend investors to use professional structural plaster styling services.

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