Effect of ancient decorative plaster Calce Marmorino is obtained with a decorative plaster of the top quality, the product completely natural and perfectly adhesive. This effect is inspired by the look of antique finishes, it dazzles with subtle elegance and highlights the class of any room. It is a solution for investors who are looking for a way to give an inspiring and unique look to the the interiors. Patterns with an effect of an ancient plaster are completely unique, because they arise as a result of chaotic movements of a trowel, and additionally the plaster itself, as a natural product, is characterized by a small but visible variability.

Antico effect is not easy to obtain, especially for large areas, and that’s where it looks especially impressive. However, it is also willingly used to decorate the architectural details, because by using the Calce Marmorino Antico they become similar to antique details.

Technical properties of Calce Marmorino plaster makes it one of the most urgently searched decorative plasters on the market. Substance has an excellent adhesion, which later translates into a high resistance to mechanical damage. The plaster is completely resistant to scrubbing, and properly impregnated draws no dirt or moisture, although has a perfect moisture permeability. That is why investors by choosing Calce Marmorino plaster choose not only beautiful but also extremely functional finish, and its beauty will remain intact for a very long time.


The classic beauty of decorative plaster fits both to classic interiors,most often with colorless impregnation and to modern ones, especially with the us of colourful impregnates that will give some “refresh” the look of plaster.

  • Pillars are a classic application of Antico effect. Different types of columns are,finally, the essence of the ancient style, so it is not surprising that Calce Marmorino plaster precisely in a decorative Antico effect is so popular in this case.
  • Fireplaces like the columns are as much a functional element as an ornamental one, so also in this case giving them the classic look of plaster is a move calculated to uphold the ideals of classical interior design.
  • Rustication, as a technique developed in ancient Rome, is another area where Calce Marmorino plaster with an ancient effect works perfectly, just as with the decoration of the other architectural details, not just the facades.
  • Stairways and Hallways: in this case functionality has the priority over the appearance, but fortunately in case of Calce Marmorino plaster both features are evaluated positively.
  • Bathrooms, not only those classic, are worth to be finished with Calce Marmorino plaster even only because this material allows for a free diffusion of water vapor, therefore the walls are breathing and there is a favorable microclimate inside.

    Calce Marmorino plaster is a natural product of the highest quality that meets the high technical and sanitary standards. It is a completely safe product that is functionally almost matchless. And why should you choose Antico effect?

    • It brings the breath of classic elegance to the interior.
    • It is very versatile, so its classicism also fits to modernist interiors.
    • This effect is suitable for many different styles of interior designs and is the basis for the development of fantastic ideas of interior finishes.


    • The surface must be pre-primed.
    • You must apply a reinforcing and increasing adhesion backing layer of quartz on the dried layer of primer.
    • Structural layer of plaster is applied thinly and evenly with a steel trowel, the same tool is used, by dragging fresh substance in different directions, to create the structure, and after a quarter of an hour to smooth the surface.
    • Primer for impregnation, which is a solubilised in water Lumicca Incolore paint, will improve the properties of plaster and will prepare it for impregnation.
    • Proper layer of waterproofing impregnation makes plaster resistant to weather conditions, protects against dirt, and the color version also increases the contrast of the created pattern. Colorless version highlights the natural beauty, but does not modify the color of the plaster. Impregnation excess should be collected with a cotton cloth. After drying, impregnation plaster is completely insensitive to negative factors.
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