Calce Marmorino plaster is a natural, high-quality lime plaster. It allows you to create a variety of structural effects through the use of various tools and techniques of applying the mass. In any case you get an elegant, beautiful surface, which designs and patterns are inspired by the ancient beauty of old buildings. However, this plaster is not only intended for classical interiors. Colorful impregnation can slightly change the color of the plaster and then it is well suited to the modern, non-conformist interiors.

The difficulty in applying the Calce Marmorino plaster lies mostly in the fact that it has to be done very precisely. Layer of plaster should be applied perfectly evenly and as thin as possible. Applying of too thick layer will make it to dry and, consequently, can cause cracks. On the other hand, excessively thin layer may not allow for the formation of the corresponding structural pattern, which – by the way – also needs to be to put in the right way.

Natural ingredients of Calce Marmorino plaster makes it has some particularly desirable properties: it is very resistant to destruction also during the scrubbing, it is water vapor permeable, it is perfectly tacky and when properly used (according to the system) it is dirt resistant. As this is a completely natural product, it always is harmless to the environment, which is also very important for sensitive at this point investors. Understandably, it is not the cheapest finish, but it certainly deserves a place among the best.


  • Corridors, hallways, restaurants, hotel lobbies, so wherever, where at least in some cases is a high volume of traffic. Indestructible plaster will look perfectly for years even with heavy use, and if it gets dirt, you will be able to easily restore it to its original state.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms, because the high vapor permeability allows walls to breathe, and its excellent appearance changes an ordinary room into perfectly beautiful one.

For kitchens and bathrooms always use the best available materials: moisture and temperature changes are able to damage a weak or poorly located plasters – well located Calce Marmorino layer is invulnerable to it.

  • As a material for a variety of rustication techniques. Decorating the facades with artistic patterns of stones first of all requires the used materials to be exactly similar to specific genre of rock. Calce Marmorino is a professional plaster with flecks of travertine and looks really great on rustication.
  • For buildings, wall decorations etc., or wherever the investor is trying to add a touch of luxury. Beautiful limestone structural effects of Calce Marmorino plaster allow to revitalize any room and the ability to customize color effects only increases the potential for an attractive finishing of any element.


Calce Marmorino plaster, as a product of the highest quality, has some unique features, that make the work with plaster relatively simple and the results surprisingly good.

  • Is a material with very high adhesion. It so strongly adheres to the substrate that the random reflection of the plaster is almost impossible.
  • It allows the free diffusion of water vapor, ensuring the proper level of humidity inside the room, what guarantees good mood even on a cloudy day.
  • High abrasion resistance makes the plaster easy to be cleaned if it gets dirt (what is very unlikely) without the risk of damaging the surface.


Calce Marmorino plaster can be formed almost at any shape, and of course, not every structural effect has already been named.

  • fine-grained travertine is a basic smooth pattern which is formed on the second layer of Calce Marmorino plaster by cutting with a sharp tool the structure that is characteristic to natural travertine. Fine grain is visible “itself” because travertine is a mineral addition to the base plaster.
  • Travertine with a trowel, which pattern is formed on the only layer in this system by dragging the substance with the trowel in the direction of imposing mass.
  • Antico effect inspired by antique elevations, formed in a way similar to travertine with a trowel, but in this case, the directions of stretching the substance are varied.

Each structure is unique in its own way, despite the fact that after all they are created in a very similar way. This ensures that each interior finished with Calce Marmorino plaster is completely original and unique.

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