Caravaggio Line is one of the effects that can be achieved with Caravaggio decorative mass. This mass has a very subtle beauty that comes from the delicate reflections of light and from delicate, velvety texture resembling a real fabric. Linear effect gives the whole a fairly unusual effect, causing a regular refraction and reflection of the light.

Caravaggio paste, also with the linear effect fits perfectly into any interior. Her subtle decorative effects do not interfere with the reception of classical or modern interiors. Caravaggio allows you to create effects that are not conspicuous, but also those which can’t fail to noticed. It is the perfect solution for investors who rely on simple elegance and classically beautiful interior finish without adding overwhelming effects. Caravaggio line is a perfect background for any arrangement, while the effect itself has qualities comparable with the most beautiful works of art exhibitions.

Weight Caravaggio is suitable for use both in private and public buildings. Due to the nature of the linear effect, this paste often appears not as the finish of the entire walls or ceilings, but the various architectural details: pillars, superstructures etc. Of course its uses are endless and the resulting effect mainly depends on the designer fantasies and the possibility of technical implementation – Caravaggio paste, as each product must be applied in a specific way.


Caravaggio linear effect is the perfect finish to any interior. It looks well when applied on the entire wall, but doesn’t any look worse on smaller surfaces.

  • Salons and offices due to Caravaggio linear effect are optically enlarged, and the subtle reflections of light add to its coziness, that this interiors are so often lacking in the classical concepts of design. Wall finished with a Caravaggio paste looks like it was covered with a cloth, and the linear effect increases this impression.
  • Ceilings and false ceilings – the linear effect is not the typical in this case, but that is why it can give a unique character to the interior. Caravaggio paste is ideal for decorating the ceilings, while the linear visual effect makes them extraordinary.
  • Architectural details such as columns and pillars, if covered with the Caravaggio paste with linear effect, look like stacked with a stiff fabric, but they retain an extraordinary shine. Instead of the usual, naked columns, you can get the effect of the item that really is a decoration, not just the insertion of a specific design concept.


  • Caravaggio paste is flexible. This increases its durability and in combination with advanced ingredients of filters makes it look great for many years in any conditions.
  • Velvet surface that gently reflects light is the greatest advantage of Caravaggio paste. It is a rarely used effect, which can change the appearance of any space with a very high strength, however, without being conspicuous.
  • Average resistance to washing does not make it the best choice when it comes to busy corridors and lobbies but it is not a problem if it is supposed to decorate a living room, an office or banquet hall.


  • The work begins with the proper priming of the substrate. This would make it less absorbent, but a it will hold applied layers of paint much better.
  • The first painting is done to smooth out imperfections of the wall and give it the first shade. The second layer of paint deepens its color and removes any defects of the first layer. The paint will provide a colorful backdrop for the Caravaggio paste.
  • The first layer of the paste, referred as the covering one, evens and primes in some way the paints surface, preparing the surface for the structural or decorative layer. It is through the opaque layer, if during applying of the decorative layer there will be not enough paste in some place, it will not be visible.
  • The decorative layer of the paste must be applied in such a way to show the linear effects. The proper setting of the trowel is not easy, and the contractor has only one chance to perform correct stroke. If it will be done the incorrect way, the effect will not be perfect.
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