Caravaggio Spatolato is the decorative paste of used to the elegant finish of different types of interiors. It is characterized by combining specific to certain upholstery fabrics matt notes with a delicate silky sheen. Finishing with pearl or gold paste is soft to the touch, warm and inviting, reminiscent of classic upholstery fabrics, but at the same time it is a very innovative paste, which, thanks to the used ingredients is non-yellowing, do not fade, and has an excellent water vapor permeability.

Caravaggio Spatolato is the mass that looks great in private and public buildings. Pearly reflections is a clear result but still subtle enough not to act diffusely, so it looks great also in the hotel rooms and offices and adds to the charm. In contrast to the brocade pastes or those with pearl scales the effect of shimmering velvet is much more discreet, but that does not mean it is invisible.
With an average resistance to washing the paste has a silky sheen and texture, what is impossible to achieve in any other way get if you use ordinary paints. Decorative paste, if applied properly, can be a major element of finish that will light up the room, gently emphasize his character and it will make each room get a completely new character, elegance and simple beauty. The results obtained by the Caravaggio Spatolato paste are not particularly impressive – their modesty and unusual, subtle beauty are the biggest advantage of this particular material.


Caravaggio Spatolato paste is very versatile. It shows an average resistance to washing, so is not recommended its use in areas especially exposed to upholstery fabrics dirt, which somehow automatically makes you look for the applications that we usually mean rare.

  • Ceilings, suspended ceilings, ceiling decorations – this is where you can often fully enjoy beauty of the professionally applied Spatolato Caravaggio paste. The ceiling illuminated by a soft velvet and satin sheen is a beautiful result of many gorgeous in its simplicity arrangements. The ability to customize the colors in a fairly wide range makes it perfectly matches the paste perfectly harmonizes not only with the classic, but also modern interiors.
  • Living rooms, bedrooms, salons, in short, a place where you hardly stay in muddy boots, which are rather supposed to be conducive to tranquility and relaxation. Caravaggio Spatolato paste gently stimulates the senses, it is also a source of pleasing light reflections, which vary depending on the direction from which the light comes. That is why the paste is widely used in offices and bedrooms. Discreet elegance is still extremely desirable.
  • Restaurants, hotels, especially in the inner part, which is to be the buildings business card. Caravaggio Spatolato paste may not be the only way to finish the interior, but may perfectly blend into a greater whole.


  • Caravaggio Spatolato paste is non-yellowing and does not fade, even under very strong UV radiation. This means that, once applied, it will look great for a really long time. The use of appropriate technology made it possible to create a mass that is both beautiful and functional, because it passes water vapour well, preventing moisture to gather in the room.
  • Flexibility of the paste is its considerable advantage. With the addition of the flexible substances it extended durability of the paste, which also gains somewhat more resistant to mechanical damage and minor scratches. While it is still not a mass of a very high durability, it is not washable, but the fact that it is flexible protects the paste from cracking.
  • Velvet and warm to the touch surface is in perfect harmony with the sun’s reflections on the surface. All this together makes Caravaggio Spatolato gently illuminates the room, visually enlarges them and at the same time makes much more cozy.


  • The surface of the material should be properly prepared. The first step is priming with the plain or reinforcing primer. You put two layers of paint on the dried primer accordingly to instructions for dilution and drying time of each product.
  • The first layer is a finishing coat paste. Must be distributed evenly with INOX or plastic trowel. The entire surface must be carefully covered with Caravaggio paste, and then it has to dry calmly, which usually takes from 8 to 12 hours.
  • The second layer of paste, the decorative one, must be applied with a plastic trowel and imprinted. Excess has to be extended in different directions, thereby forming boxes with a different angle of orientation of reflective additives. Only then you can enjoy the layer that properly reflects light and looks really good.
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