Venetian stucco effect on Coccio Grassello plaster is one of the most beautiful finishes on structural plaster. Coccio Grassello plaster is a product of exceptional performance, in totally natural, enriched with grains of real marble, which affects the final appearance of every finished surface. Venetian stucco effect, on the other hand, is one of the most popular and well-known for centuries visual effect of a perfectly smooth, shiny walls with multidirectional reflections, visible depending on the angle of incidence of light.

The applying of any plaster with Venetian stucco effect is very difficult, requires experience, precision and enormous patience combined with rapid execution of all works. For this reason, very few investors are opting for self-applying of this plaster. Using professional services is in this case a reasonable investment, since only such move assures we will get a superior finish of the highest quality.

Coccio Grassello is plaster, which can be stained in many colors, what will certainly affect its popularity. However, what is very important, is not only that it looks good but also the fact that it has an excellent technical characteristics: it is durable and has a good vapor permeability. The effect of the Venetian stucco formed on the plaster is remarkable not only because of the color but also the best possible composition of the plaster paste. This is important because a good appearance depends equally on the professionalism of the contractor and the parameters of applied plaster.


Venetian stucco looks great applied on small and large areas. It is ideal to highlight important decorative elements in architecture, you can also take advantage of the fact that it has lightening properties.

  • Fireplaces, for which warm texture and natural beauty of the spotted Venetian stucco are only the complement of their own warmth and charm.
  • Bathrooms, where stucco adds a unique character that enriches and enlivens it with the light reflections, and it’s not only in classic projects, but also in vanguard designer bathrooms.
  • Kitchens, like bathrooms, often need to discover the true beauty. Spaces subordinated to purely functional reasons are not giving a pleasant impression. Venetian stucco in a large, modern kitchen is a finish that determines its character.
  • Pillars and ceiling decorations are the details that sometimes need you need to emphasize their beauty just by using a special type of plaster. They are often lost when left for themselves, overwhelmed by the appearance of other architectural elements – Venetian dappled stucco pulls it from a disigners nonexistence to the daylight.
  • Hallways and corridors: they benefit from the light reflected by a beautiful stucco. These spaces also primarily functional, and only in the second place beautiful, are often dark and gloomy. Excellent quality Venetian stucco changes it once and for all.


Coccio Grassello is an unusual plaster with additives of marble crumbs. This has an impact on its appearance, but also on technical parameters.

      • Plaster has an excellent adhesion, so priming is a formality, though necessary to facilitate the applying of a Coccio Grassello layer.
      • This product always retains excellent vapor permeability, so they do not allow the accumulation of harmful moisture indoors.
      • As a completely natural product it remains neutral for the environment, it is not harmful.


    • The first step is applying primer and primer quartz. Both preparations determine the substrate and increase its traction. Although Coccio Grassello plaster is well adherent, it is not worth saving on the backing, because it is durability of the effect that depends on it.
    • The initial layer of plaster is applied with a trowel steel, making sure that the thickness of the resulting layer was appropriate and, above all, the entire surface has the same thickness.
    • The alignment layer is applied after 8-12 hours when the initial layer is dry. At this stage, you can’t scratch the surface, so the work is done with the average trowel and is done very carefully, but efficiently.
    • polishing layer must be applied efficiently and accurately, while the polishing itself, which is carries with a small trowel, is an activity that requires considerable skill and is where most often the damage to the surface is done by the contractors without enough experience with Venetian stucco.
    • Well-applied plaster usually (except in special cases) does not require to be protected with wax – it is resistant to the effect of polishing.
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