Corado Multicolor Silver and Gold are decorative paints for interior use. With metallic and pearlescent add-ons this paints give the impression of lightening, and easy to obtain results will form the delicate texture of fabric on any surface. It is one of the cheapest decorative paints, and it provides a very sophisticated effect and quite a lot of diversity because of its simple method of applying. Corado Silver and Corado Gold Milticolor are paints performing its tasks both in the interiors of homes and public buildings. This paints bring a note of subtle elegance to any room. The resulting effect is not conspicuous, does not offend, is a decorative but also to neutral interior décor that fits in almost any style of any system and purpose. Corado Silver and Corado Gold Multicolor are ideal for painting large surfaces, which give a unique glow: the entire wall gently shimmers when it gets the rays of light, and this makes the surface of the be completely different when seen from various points. Despite the similar effects of light, shimmering pearls and metallic luster, the effect is quite subtle and has a neutral image. Warm surface and fine structure make decorative paints Corado Silver or Corado Gold Multicolor work in every interior.


Decorative paints Corado Silver and Corado Gold Multicolor stand out positively with its price. These are economical decorative paints for interiors which are of high quality. These products are simple to apply and at the same time providing an interesting visual effects. These paints are washable, as well as vapor permeable, so that the wall on which the Corado Silver or Corado Gold Multicolor were applied can breathe. It makes such a walls cover works well in high humidity areas. Brightening effect, obtained thanks to the pearlescent and metallic additives is visible on small and large wall surfaces.


Corado Silver and Corado Gold Multicolor are an ideal solution for all types of interiors, both in residential and commercial buildings.

  • Lounges, especially in the arrangement of “one wall against all,” what allows the extraction of glow of pearls from all over the surface of a single wall. These paints often appears also on slightly smaller decorative surfaces as a decorative addition, while on a larger wall the effect is much better visible.
  • Hallways, especially those that are optically clear and not too tight. Corado Multicolor and Corado Silver paints cause brightening of the room, and thus it can be visually enlarged. Corado decorative paints are also useful in the common halls, long and narrow, and in that case should be connected with structural decorations.
  • Columns painted with Corado Multicolor Silver or Gold will get an entirely new look. Instead of the traditional, classical columns, they get the effect of a modern point in the distribution of an apartment, and its decorative value results from something more than just the shape and location, also from its color and character.
  • Kitchens, dining rooms, the place where the colorful, bright interior is very important. Attention to detail is very important in such places, and thanks to its high vapor permeability this paints will allow you to paint the walls to breathe effectively.
  • Plasterboard installations, which are usually perishable elements for the distribution of the interior. Covering them with good quality decorative paints adds them aesthetic, making them be not only a design feature, but an important part of a broad sense of interior design.


Corado Silver and Corado Gold Multicolor decorative paints are suitable for application not only on smooth surfaces, but also on structural ones. If the paint is to be applied undiluted, it is best to do it with a steel trowel, and diluted should be applied with shaft (it might be a structural one) or brush. This must be done quickly to impress the desired pattern on the wet surface. To give more depth to the wall, you might want to put two layers of colored backing on it, bearing in mind the fact that the first needs to thoroughly dry before applying the next one. The most interesting visual effects of Corado paint is obtained if the formed patterns are symmetrical. This is obviously not a rigid rule, but with this kind of application reflections are cumulating, giving the effect of a full glamor. When patterns are irregular its reflections will be asymmetric, unfinished and will not allow to notice the subtle texture of the paint.

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