Cromo is a decorative interior paint that combines natural elegance, charm and beautiful distant reflections of light. They are perfectly visible in the glitter effect, which, despite even the dark color base, will be lightening and brightening in each space. Acrylic resins in an aqueous emulsion allow you to create not only beautiful, but above all durable and decorative effects. Brocade is one of them – it is are subtle and volatility. Brocade scales are immersed in a special pearl mass, which makes each of them reflecting a beam of light to create a beautiful glow around the particles. The result? The wall is beautiful, shiny and quite bright.

Cromo paints have many advantages beyond its excellent design. One of them is quite a large freedom in the choice of tools used for application. Brush, roller or euromal is the standard choice. This allows you to control not only the form of the resulting effect, but mainly to use Cromo paint in difficult to access places. The choice of tools will also affect the economics of painting. Each liter of the paint will last for 4 to 6 sq. meters of the surface.

Subtle glitter effect in the pearl glow gives a unique charm to all rooms but the most popular are two colors versions: on the dark background, which adds to the mystery and refined elegance, or on the bright one, which makes the room becomes warmer and bright. Of course, each investor can choose other colors according to his preferences, because the palette is very wide.


  • In the salons with large surface a dark base of Cromo paint allows you to add elegance and countering of usually bright decor. Application of bright colors will have a warming effect on the living room, and in all color versions it will create a piece of the finish that will get your attention and will definitely increases the prestige of the room.
  • Bedrooms due to the effect of glittering become even more mysterious. Soft glow hovering around the particles of glitter does not pierce the gloom, but it is a delicate, subtle effect even when the light is turned off.
  • Hallways and staircases, particularly with the use of bright tone of the paint, become visually larger and far warmer than they usual are. Using additional glitter effect allows you to increase the optical space and lasting effect will be pleasing to the eye even longer.
  • Restaurants, hotel lobbies, lounges shop etc. are places that require specific, climate binding. Cromo paint with brocade scales allows for any arrangement of the space and always introduces a perfect climate, which can successfully become a showcase of the object.


Cromo paint family are characterized by a number of important characteristics that determine their popularity – of course, beyond great looks.

  • Good adhesion allows you to apply the paint on virtually any primed surface. Thanks to the resulting coating it is very durable and allows you to mask certain deficiencies in plastering or smoothing of the walls.
  • Flexible coating is resistant to adverse external factors, as well as to paint chips after strokes. Thanks to this the effect obtained with Cromo glitter paint can be seen in many places, which are usually redecorated only due to functional requirements, eg. in the hallways or corridors.
  • Increased resistance to washing is an asset especially where you will with a high degree of probability often repeat cleaning and additional maintenance operations. Thanks to this feature the dirt can be removed without damaging the paint layer.


Obtaining the decorative effect with Cromo paint is not difficult, but you need to carefully follow the instructions for its preparation.

  • First, the substrate is primed with a special preparation that improves traction, reduces absorbency and facilitates application of the subsequent layers of paint.
  • Than you have to apply two coats of Murimal 200 paint on the primed surface in color as close as possible to the intended tint of Cromo paint color. These will form the base color so that the final color will be clear, deep and contrast.
  • Chromium paint decorative layer is applied after drying of the previous layer in any way. Keep in mind that this paint is to be applied in a layer as thin as possible, but not to damage the deeper layers.

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