Damasco decorative paste is a specific product. After applying you obtain a silk-like structure, so the finish is warm, soft and elegant. Pearl flares add the interior nobility and make it looks a bit different from different spots. The effect produced by the decorative Damasco paste was inspired by the fabric upholstery of the antique interiors. In the modern interior it looks just as well, but only if the paste will be applied in a professional manner. Applied in two layers paste is washable and provides good water vapor permeability and thus provides not only eye pleasing aesthetic effect, but also it takes care of the proper atmosphere of any interiors. As an artistic finish it is an important element of many different arrangements both in homes and in public spaces. Applied by the specialists from the Lux interiors company decorative paste keeps its appearance for many years, allowing you to enjoy the appearance of every, even modest interior.

The advantages of the Damasco decorative paste are a wide range of colors, interesting, warm visual effect as well as an attractive appearance both on small and large surfaces, making it the perfect material for finishing any room.


Damasco decorative paste creates the effect of small, but distinct texture. It illuminates through the pearl luster, while providing excellent water vapor permeability. Two properly applied layers increase the resistance to washing. The colors chosen from RAL, Tintoretto, Colortrend palette allows you to customize the product for the planned arrangement of any interior.


Damasco decorative paste can be used in the interiors of all types and on the surfaces of virtually any size:

  • sitting rooms wher€e it adds glamor and may be part of a modern interior design, but not without references to classic elegance,
  • ceilings: an unusual fabric effect on the ceiling complements with every arrangement, adding to its unusual brilliance and making the room eye catching even with a very simple finish of the walls, it also exudes luxury inspired by a mild, delicate depth of antique interiors,
  • offices, where it usually appears as a modest element of the arrangement, but not only. Most frequently Damasco decorative paste is used as a supplement of the arrangement, color accent or a part of a decorative element.
  • Stairwells, where it works perfectly due to the color stability and resistance to washing. Even large dirt is easy to be removed and staircase finished with decorative paste allows to achieve an unusual effect, because it proves the commitment to elegance and not only the desire to show up in a nice office.


Damasco decorative paste is often put in private objects, mainly in the dining rooms and lounges, as well as home offices and spacious houses hallways. In addition to private investors, this product is also widely used in public buildings:

  • shops, especially those where it is important to add proper envelope to the sales, so shops with luxury porcelain or good quality alcohols. It is also the perfect finish of the decorative hardware store interiors or florist interiors.
  • hotels. Here, the Damasco decorative paste is used primarily as a finishing element in the lobby, corridors of luxury objects, including in facilities offering spa services, although not directly in beauty centers.
  • restaurants, where Damasco decorative mass gives an unique look, warming the interior and creating a unique atmosphere. With the stain resistance it can be used not only as a decorative coating, but also the functional one on the larger surfaces.
  • service facilities, including offices and waiting rooms – Damasco decorative paste makes it easy to convert this type of interior, often raw, in a cozy, warm and friendly.


For optimal visual effect and maximum durability, Damasco decorative paste is applied to the primed and pre-painted surface. Paste is applied with a trowel, and then excess is squeezed and collected by strokes run in different directions, trying to make the resulting pattern reasonably uniform. Time to finish the walls is few days, because each of the layers must thoroughly dry before applying the next one.

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