Velluti Magnapearl decorative paste is very versatile – it can be applied to limestone stucco or a good paint. In both cases, it will give an effect of matt pearl surface with a soft, warm structure. In case of this decorative paste it is significant that the glow offered by flares is dependent on the angle of light incidence. This means that every surface covered with a Velluti Magnapearl paste changes throughout the day and will never look the same for a long time. Persistence may be pearl or with predominant notes of gold, and is selected depending on the weight of the primary color.

This Magnapearl Velluti decorative paste is designed specifically for the most prestigious offices, luxury shop showrooms or elegant offices and banks. It offers very refined effect, which in addition can be modulated through the use of different light sources is something that needs to be associated with glamor and immense commitment to beauty. A prerequisite for this is a correct applying of the paste, which is not an easy task.

Velluti Magnapearl are not only aesthetics. This paste has some significant functional advantages, among which the most important are definitely vapor permeability and excellent resistance to washing. These two features make the decorative paste something more than just a prestigious finish – it is a way of creating beautiful and functional spaces for people that equally high appreciate aesthetics and practicality.


Decorative WeigPasteht Velluti Magnapearl is definitely the product for use in the most prestigious arrangements and for this reason, although in terms of functional it would work perfectly, it rarely appears in the hallways, but in the hotel lobby in the object of four or five stars class it is definitely appropriate.

  • Sitting-rooms has always had to perform representative functions. Decorative paste Velluti Magnapearl allows you to do it a really successfully. Aesthetics, elegance and sophisticated visual effects, that occurs when the paste will get at least a ray of light, it is definitely a reason to be proud of. Everyone can be proud of a salon finished with this paste.
  • Bedrooms are cozy and aesthetic by definition. A touch of luxury is therefore the most appropriate. In the case of the bedrooms Velluti Magnapearl is used primarily for finishing small parts and as a “reviving” element of calm space arrangements.
  • Installation made of the drywall, which are created as part of the interior design require special fixtures. The use of the decorative paste Velluti Magnapearl allows you to give the interior a new, more refined character. It is the finishing that might make the installations become something more than just a necessary functional solution.

Velluti decorative paste works perfectly as a way of interior design in the most representative offices, it is also used in banks and good car showrooms, in short, wherever luxury is an indicator of quality.


  • Decorative paste Velluti Magnapearl is water vapor permeable, which means that it allows walls to breathe. Today, it is as important as good looks, since the high humidity in the room not only might cause the appearance of mold on the walls, but most of all it makes people staying in the room feel bad.
  • Brightening effect helps to visually enlarge the room, as well as it makes them simply brighter. This is important if some part of the arrangement is to be featured for various reasons. Pearly luster wall or a part of the arrangement will surely attract attention.
  • Resistance to washing is an important feature wherever is a need of a special care about cleanliness. There is no question of luxury, where the walls are dirty, so Velluti Magnapearl decorative paste is the perfect choice – you can wash it without fear, and it will look great for many years.


Applying procedure of Velluti Magnapearl decorative plaster is different in the case of painted walls and stucco limestone, but the basic principles remain the same. The surface must be perfectly prepared, and the decorative layer has to be applied fully professionally to avoid undesired effect of wiping. It is also important to choose the right glow – it depends on the color of the primary paste and must be done by an expert, so that the wrong color of glows will not spoil the beautifully promising effect of the decoration.

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