Deriva Art effect, obtained on the base of the Deriva plastic pulp with the use of Luna paints family is a finer pattern than the effect of Zebra, but it still is very clear. This is due to the appropriate technology of its application and plasticity and the composition of decorative pulp. Luna Silver paint is used primarily to emphasize the depth and to add color values ​​to the structure created from the decorative pulp. Pattern in case of Deriva Art decoration is impressed with deerskin tampons, what involves a bit of practice – it is an effect that can’t be achieved without some exercise, especially on larger surfaces.
As this is a visual effect, that can be classified as “subtle, but clear”, it has a standard list of uses – like all plastic pulps, also Deriva is used to create less subtle patterns than those created only with the use decorative paints, so there is a risk that improperly selected colors will be overwhelming the room, despite the pleasant, warm texture of the surface of the mass. Therefore, the most common use of Deriva Art effect is its application either on the smaller surfaces or only in locations where it can easily be the dominant element of the whole arrangement, and then it is at the surface of any size.

Deriva Art inherits the properties of the pulp and used paints – it is a very upscale, durable and resistant to destruction pattern and its proper execution is not as simple as it may seem just after reading the instructions.


  • Rooms and lounges, which introduces an exquisite elegance and distinct character. In both cases, the model is usually used only in a small area, to blend it into the broad sense of the interior design. It’s one of those styles and finishes, which are themselves a part of the arrangement, and not just a finish.
  • Hallways and stairways, especially the most representative ones. You should also take care of the atmosphere of that places and its great look, so Deriva decorative pulp in combination with Luna decorative paints is perfect for this role, because these materials are have very durable and resistant to damage and dirt.
  • Kitchens, especially those modern. Deriva Art is a clearly visible pattern that allows you to manipulate with the “temperature” of the environment in a very large extent, so in those places that are normally considered as note very representative or even unpleasant, it is used to revitalize them and give them a new, more cozy character.


The fact, that the Deriva Art effect is perfect for certain applications, is mainly a merit of the specific advantages of the decorative pulp itself. Deriva is a pulp for interiors with a very specific characteristics.

  • It is highly resistant to stains and easy to clean thanks to its resistance to washing and the use of common household detergents. This pulp will work great wherever there is a heavy traffic in the kitchen, where there is always a risk that the walls will get dirt.
  • it is flexible and resistant to mechanical stress. It is also an important advantage wherever it is busy and where the decorations might be easily damaged. Decorative pulp itself is after all only a part of wall finishes, but properly arranged, with a beautiful effect, it acts as a decoration in places where people usually resign from decorations, concentrating rather on functionality.


Deriva Art pattern is applied to the first, structural layer of the pulp. There is only the primer below it, that has to be properly matched to the type of the substrate, and a backing layer, painted with Murimal 200 paint. If it is necessary, apply two coats of paint, and always wait with the application of the Deriva pulp until the previously applied layer dried wells.
The pulp is applied to the wall with a wide brush or trowel, the direction of applying the have to be be in line with the planned direction of the course of the design. Only this way you will be able to create the decoration correctly without damaging the the structural layer. The formation of the recesses takes place directly after application of pulp, and for this purpose you have to use a deerskin tampon, gathering in the same time the excess of the decorative pulp. After imprinting the pattern, the surface should be smoothed with an INOX trowel.
Finishing of the the Deriva Art pattern is a phase of applying a Luna decorative paint. This layer will give a specific glow across the decoration, unless of course it is properly applied, what means it is gently spread along the lines of previously imprinted pattern.

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