Deriva is a very elastic decorative paste for interior applications. This mass is made up of specially selected aggregate immersed in an aqueous resins emulsion. This composition allows for many fascinating decorative effects: water resins emulsion is responsible for the plasticity of the ground, when the aggregate adds an unusual appearance to the whole room, because they refract and reflect light in the specific way, creating a distinctive, delicate glow. Zebra effect is achieved by application of a pearl or gold paint on the obtained three-dimensional structure, which emphasizes its depth and completely changes the color and space perception in the room.

The combination of three-dimensional patterns and pearl or gold reflections perfectly harmonizes with the favorite materials of the designers of modern living space: glass, aluminum, but also with the more conventional materials, including various kinds of wood and wood-panels. Also, stone finishes work well with the effects obtained in this way, so the effect based on Deriva Zebra paste is very versatile and allows you to create hundreds of thousands of unique arrangements.

To achieve the Zebra effect you need Luna Silver paint – it is impressive, but not overwhelming, discreetly elegant, and gives a unique character to the whole project. Room finished this way present themselves really well, but the execution of the entire structure is time consuming and requires skills, although in theory, everything seems to be quite simple.


Deriva paste and the Zebra effect is the result designed primarily for finishing of luxury offices, but will also work well in exclusive apartments. This is definitely one of the more original effects that can be achieved by the decorative pastes, even though its idea is quite simple.

  • Offices and showrooms of a very high standard, finished with taste and class are the places where the Zebra effect works perfectly. It is quite a deep, clear effect, therefore, to be able to fully enjoy it, you should rather give up exposuring too much trinkets, and that’s how luxurious lounges and offices looks like.
  • The kitchen is a place often forgotten, but in a modern, full of space kitchen or kitchenette combined with a spacious dining room there really is the place for it to show the class. Zebra effect does not have to occupy the entire wall, but only to complement the simple yet tastefully done interior.
  • Anteroom are spaces rarely considered as prestigious, but after all the first impression is the most important one. Since Deriva paste and Luna Silver paint used to create the effect of Zebra are very durable and resistant, will be perfectly adequate to turn an ordinary hallway into a beautiful atrium of a wonderful apartment.


Deriva paste, as perhaps no other, perfectly suits for creating three-dimensional, deep decorative effects such as Zebra effect. Its main advantage is very high plasticity, but it’s definitely not all.

  • Resistance to impact and considerable flexibility. That is why the design is really durable and can look beautiful even in places as susceptible to damage as hallways or corridors.
  • Resistance to detergents washing is also an important feature – because if you create a colorful and beautiful pattern on the wall, you must be able to maintain it clean, which in case of the other pastes and colors may not be easy to achieve. The marriage of Deriva paste and Luna Silver paint is the perfect solution, so that the resulting effects are not only durable, but also easy to keep clean.


Zebra effect is theoretically easy to obtain. The first layer of the wall must be, of course, a well-chosen primer, the second layer has to be or Murimal 200 paint or Quartz primer – in both cases, it is about creating a colored background, but also about more adhesive surface – Deriva paste has quite high density, so it should not be applied to unprepared wall.
Structural layer of Deriva paste is applied with a wide paintbrush, and the pattern is extruded using a trowel guided in one direction in a way to form respectively wide and deep grooves. Paste excess is to be collected. You have to finish the entire surface in this way, what requires real focus and considerable experience. After drying of the structural layer, so after about 12 hours, you can apply the decorative layer.

The final layer is a layer of Luna Silver paint. This layer is applied partly, along the earlier squeezed structural pattern, and then shaded with the flat bristle brush. Of course, before painting the surface of the paste should be lightly grinded and paint should be diluted with 30% water.

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