Avangarda is the name of a specific decorative effect based on Muricon paste, that is obtained thanks to a series of Lumicca Pearl paints. Muricon is very elastic paste, which allows you to create virtually any structural effects. Enriching it with with paint with pearl and gold reflections increases its aesthetic value. The possibility of self-selection of colors and creation of any pattern from this paste, including those that look almost as paintings, is an opportunity to completely change any room, especially that Muricon pastes are very versatile.

One of the most important features of the Muricon paste is its resistance to dirt, which is also maintained under the Avangarda effect. Thanks to a smooth and “slippery” surface of the design, the dust does not stick to the walls, and if there is some dirt left on the surface, this effect is still resistant to washing, so its maintenance and cleaning is very easy. Resistance to damage and dirt makes Avangarda effect not only popular among private investors, but also the owners of hotels and restaurants, especially those places where the traffic density is high or very high.

Lumicca Pearl paint, glossy with pearl or gold, is the perfect complement of a structural plaster. It enriches its appearance, adding depth to the arrangements, and above all it allows for endless fun with colors, so that the Avangarda effect can be used virtually in interiors because its reception depends primarily on color selection of finish paint.


Avangarda effect is very versatile, because the structure of the plaster is aesthetically neutral and finish color can be chosen independently from a very wide range of colors. However, there are some “classic” proposals how to use this solution.

  • Salons, where, depending on the selected color, Muricon paste and Lumicca Pearl paints can bring peace or live flashes of light. Simple elegance or a fantastic extravagance? It’s an individual choice of each investor and that is why it is worth to decorate salons, the most distinctive and representative rooms in houses, with Avangarda effect.
  • Anteroom can finally be revived through this effect, and the fact that completely resistant to dirt surface allows for so much more is not without significance.
  • Stairways, because resistant coating will last for many years, and at the same time it will visually enlarge the communication route so that it will no more be seen only as a technical appendix and will become a part of an attractive visual entirety.
  • Pillars are usually decorated in a very classic way, but modern interiors require … well: the vanguard approach. Colorful, soft and warm surfaces of the pillars will be the perfect design complement for modern interiors, and in classical ones it will be a pleasant accent stands out against a simple finish.
  • Children’s Rooms, which is probably obvious – that’s where color effects fits the most in a completely natural way. Avangarda effect allows for a really great decoration of a room without deep interference in its equipment.
  • Kitchen, because the surface effect is completely insensitive to washing detergents. It is totally not scary any more to dirty the kitchen, and by proper finishing of its walls kitchen becomes a friendly and cozy place.


Decorative weight Muricon are themselves a highly functional solution, but their full usability is only achieved in combination with the appropriate paint. If Lumicca Pearl is applied to finish, the resulting layer will be very durable and resistant to almost all of the factors.

  • Surface of the Muricon paste painted with Lumicca Pearl paint is slippery, equal and therefore does not accept dirt. In addition, resistance to detergents is useful if you find that after several months of exploitation there will be some small, usually already well-dried dirt.
  • Muricon paste is flexible, therefore it is insensitive not only to frost and heat, but also to mechanical damages. Flexibility prevents from reflecting of the paste fragments, and also against the accidental scratches.
  • Muricon paste, unlike the limestone plasters, does not require any additional security measures. Their composition makes the coating, by itself, durable, resistant to atmospheric conditions, not fading and waterproof enough to ensure the protection of the wall.

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