Calce Marmorinowith an effect of fine-grained travertine is one of the decorative effects that can be achieved with high quality limestone plaster Calce Marmorino. This product has an above-average durability, full resistance to mechanical damage, as well as to washing and scrubbing. This finish is fully environmentally friendly, as it is based on the slaked lime. Used in the system with a decorative finish it is one of the most functional and visually stunning finishes.

Travertine finishes of the interiors are considered to be very elegant, and as they are characterized by an extraordinary beauty, are also a way for it to add prestige to any room. Travertine is a fine example of Calce Marmorino plaster of limestone, which perfectly imitates full travertine finishes, and therefore is an excellent product for investors who care about prestige.

A typical Calce Marmorino plaster finish is the structure of travertine. The preparation of such an effects requires some experience and a steady hand. Putting plaster in the way that the entire surface looks great, is a task for people who really what they are doing, especially that the errors are reflected not only in the aesthetic finish, but also on the durability and resistance of obtained coatings. Inaccurate applying of any layer or applying new layers before previous had dried can cause small adhesion of the plaster and fresh layer will quickly crack.


Exclusive Calce Marmorino travertine finish can be used almost anywhere. Very good technical parameters and brilliant appearance makes it a suitable effect to any kind of rooms. no such types of rooms in which the imposition of this.

  • fireplaces finished with travertine add charm to the whole salon. They are an exclusively looking decorative accent in a residential area, they attract attention and delight the eye. Warm and friendly structure of the plaster is well harmonizing with the warmth of the fireplace.
  • Anterooms finished with fine-grained Calce Marmorino travertine are an excellent investment: resistant to dirt and easy to clean plaster provides a solution that allows you to simultaneously raise the prestige of the interior and save a lot of time on the work of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Pillars, rustications and similar decorative elements can be, for sure, finished with travertine plaster. This kind of detail have already been created in classic interiors with high quality materials and luxurious stones. Travertine is definitely one of them.
  • Kitchens can be finished with Calce Marmorino plaster, not only because with such coverage walls look great, but also due to the fact that the travertine is perfectly water vapor permeable, so it helpsto maintain a favorable microclimate in the kitchen even in time of the biggest culinary challenges.
  • Installations, partition walls etc. finished with plaster with the fine-grained structure of travertine are spectacular elements of the interior finishes and are no longer simply architectural compartments created just for the need of the space organization.


Calce Marmorino travertine plaster is a completely natural product, so it perfectly fits the “green” eco design. However, its naturalness also brings with it a number of features that should be appreciated from a technical point of view.

  • Excellent vapor permeability allows to efficiently remove moisture from inside the house or apartment, thus helping to maintain a favorable microclimate.
  • The content of some natural minerals helps to increase traction. Calce Marmorino plaster perfectly adheres to any surface, and properly applied forms almost a unity with the base.
  • High resistance to abrasion and some detergents provides a simple and fast way to restore the original state of the contaminated layer of plaster.


  • The surface should be primed and covered with Bucciato based quartz. After it has dried, you are ready to apply the plaster.
  • The first layer is applied with a metal trowel, taking care to make the coat on the entire surface as thin and evenly distributed as possible. Do not let the surface to be scratched or to do not collected only the major mineral chips from it.
  • Another layer of pulp is applied on the dried mass of the backin, it scratching there a travertine pattern with sharp instrument and after a while smoothing the entire surface.
  • The plaster surface should be primed with Lumicca Incolore colorless solution in water, and after drying of the primer you can additionally impregnate a coat of colorless paint on the basis of the paint from the same family.

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