Grassmarmo stucco marble is manufactured with the use of only the highest quality natural materials. It allows you to achieve the effect that is visually similar to the classic marble but with one important difference: stucco is a warm material, what can’t be said about the marble. Gloss, pattern and characteristic elegance of the marble finishes are in this case equally clear, so this kind of finish can be successfully used in those interiors that are demanding the finest materials and superior finish.

Grassmarmo is the stucco produced on the basis of slaked lime, but can be painted on any colors, that might additionally be combined to give a brand new, completely unique color effects and gradations. Their correct exposure, however, requires to preserve perfect application technique – perfect surface, shining like polished marble is not the result of adding additional components to the paste, but it is only a derivative of perfect technique of applying each layer of stucco, and there are no less than three of them.

Grassmarmo stucco marble is not only the excellent appearance, but also the great usability. Despite that it has a mirror shine, it is well permeable to water vapor, prevents mold and additionally greatly brightens the interior with an eye pleasing sunshine. It is impossible not to appreciate its functional advantages even if it is aesthetic that is a deciding factor for the choice of materials. This kind of stucco will conquer the hearts not only of private investors but also the administrators of hotels or restaurants.


Grassmarmo marble stucco is a decoration with a very unique character, but it is also aa universal type of finish that fits into many rooms.

  • The living room or offices because of its prestigious and exclusive character. From a distance, it is virtually indistinguishable from marble, and at close distance it often seems even more beautiful, because it is a finishing material used wherever it’s all about the class, adding a bit of luxury, or simply about beauty.
  • To put around the fireplace or on the pillars. Although these are the just structural details, but when it comes to giving the rooms a unique character, it does not have any competition. Fireplace finished with stucco appears far more beautiful, and what’s more this finish will beautifully reflected rays of light, even if the fire is extinguished.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms, where stucco is not only due to the fact that it has a very nice look. Its important feature in this case is the ability to water vapour transmission, what will additionally secure the walls and the ceiling to prevent condensation of water.
  • Stairways and hallways, that will only benefit with the stucco finish. Optical zoom effect obtained by the mirror gloss and prestige, which is also to be seen here – these are the reasons why the stucco marble in the hall is a great idea.


  • Grassmarmo marble stucco is a finish with high adhesion, what facilitates its applying and increases the durability of the whole finish.
  • The material is well permeable to water vapor, thereby allowing the walls to “breathe” and to remove excess of moisture.
  • Investor can independently choose the color, which is to be given to the paste. There are many colors available in the extensive catalog, which allows for further customization of the finish style.


  • The first step of the preparation is priming of the substrate. Stucco marble can also be applied directly on the plaster without having to put additional gypsum plasters, but that does not mean that you can dispense with the preparation of the substrate.
  • Bucciato backing is applied on the primer layer what will increase grip of the stucco. This layer dries for about 5 hours and is the last of the preparatory layers.
  • Next you apply an initial layer of stucco on the prepared wall. It should cover with a fairly thin layer thoroughly the whole surface and dry well before applying the leveling layer.
  • The alignment layer is applied in the direction of the visible vascularity, immediately removing the excess of paste. At this stage, the stucco surface should remain perfectly dull.
  • Shining layer is designed to give the final touch. It is applied with medium and small trowel, carefully aligning (shining) every inch of stucco surface with the smaller one. Do not stop working on this layer until the entire surface is properly finished.

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