Jeans Velatura or Lumicca Antica on Bucciato structural plaster is a finish for the discerning. Bucciato is a plastered with very good adhesion, which primarily is due to its appropriate composition. Its main elements are properly aligned grains of quartz, that float in water emulsion resin. An additional strengthening component are the special filaments that are responsible for the integrity of the plaster and allow you to create interesting structural effects.

Bucciato plaster can be successfully used for the outer walls, because its composition ensures a very high resistance to weather, dirt and mechanical damage. Due to the high density of structural additives and low reflectivity, this plaster, when put professionally, masks of various kinds of imperfections, and additionally its own surface structure gives a whole new character to the surface, depending on the applying method and on tools used to do it.

Thanks to its unusual properties Bucciato plaster is often used to prepare wiping, but also as a stand-alone wall finish. In the second case it is combined with a transparent Lumicca Antica paint, which gives additional wall gloss and also makes it even resistant to damage and harmful weathering. Indoors, it is more often used with colored Lumicca Antica paint or Jeans Velatura paint, often in delicate pastel colors (according to the pattern or colored).


  • Bucciato structural plaster and transparent paint Lumicca Antica are a combination that very well enhances the structure of the plaster. Keep in mind that the plaster can be colored according to the palette or the color pattern, which itself allows you to achieve a number of interesting visual effects. The consolidation with a transparent paint is to give additional immunization of the shell against weather conditions and dirt, as well as to give a deeper color scheme to the whole thing.
  • Bucciato structural plaster and Jeans Velatura or Lumicca Antica paint in color versions. This combination allows for the preparation of highly decorative wiping of any form and shape. The possibility of combining different colors makes the character of the interior becomes extremely individual and unique. Range of products is inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean, so the effect is usually warm and very pleasing to an eye.


There are many reasons why you should choose Bucciato plaster for the decoration and protection of the walls. All of them together show the functionality of this solution, while the decorative qualities are primarily a direct result of its composition and selection of colors.

  • Very good adhesion makes Bucciato plaster able to be applied to virtually any surface. It may also serve as a quartz primer. High adhesion ensures that the wall will impose well, and after applying will not decorticate.
  • Water resistance is first of all very important on the outer surfaces, bathrooms and kitchens. That’s where high humidity could damage the less resistant plasters, while Bucciato looks great and protects the facade for many years.
  • Flexibility is a feature that can not be underestimated in the case of external plasters applied in our climate. Large temperature changes could easly cause damage to the plaster, if it was not flexible enough. The addition of substances that make the plaster resistant to temperature change is also reflected in the stability of the decorative layer.
  • Resistance to scrubbing and washing, as well as most detergents is the factors that determine the possibility of using structural plaster Bucciato on surfaces exposed to contamination: the low parts of the façade as well as inside the hallways or stairwells. Good looks will not be ruined by dir.


  • At first, diluted plaster is applied on the pre-primed, it will work as a quartz primer increasing the adhesion of the structural layer.
  • Structural layer is applied to the wall and formes a structure with the use of a special rollerfor the legniato effect. It requires a bit of practice to use this tool, especially that with the decorative plaster should be carried out continuously, orderly and efficient to prevent its premature drying out or losing symmetry of the pattern.
  • Wiping made of sandpaper P60 should be painted over a suitably chosen paint to achieve the desired tonal gradation and color effects.

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