Lumicca 1D and 4D are two types of transparent paint with added glitter. The numeral means the amount of shimmering particles – in the decorative paint Lumicca 4D there are four times more of them than in the paint Lumicca 1D. In both cases, investors can choose from several databases of colors: Silver, Gold and Multicolor, which is the designation of glitter particles added to the paint.
Lumicca 1D and 4D paints, that are used alone. Their magic in creating decorative effects lies in the possibility of changing each wall into a beautiful, clearly shimmering composition. These paints are applied on a previously painted color wall and it is enough to completely change the perception of the room. By using different amounts of glitter and selection of different versions of the database you can create a virtually unlimited number of effects on the surfaces of different colors. What is important – although on a small area you can easily paint Lumicca 1D and 4D by yourself, over a large area there is a risk to “gather” glitter particles with a roller, so it is wise to seek help from a professionals with more experience in applying this type of paint.

Lumicca 1D and 4D are paints that can be used almost anywhere. They complement the different types of decorative effects and because these are a very high quality paints, they can be successfully used also in “difficult” areas, such as hallways or corridors, simply altering the look of each wall.


  • Children’s Rooms: it’s probably a natural choice when it comes to brocade supplements. In this way, you can turn an ordinary paint into something truly magical. Wall finished with Lumicca 1D or 4D paints gets a whole new look – its colors come alive, the room becomes warmer and more comfortable, not to mention the fact that the shimmering particles stimulate the imagination of adults, not to mention a child.
  • Salons and offices, especially those that are quite raw and dark. Addition of illuminating particles allows you to completely change its appearance, turning the somber and gloomy places into intriguing, mysterious, and in some way joyful.
  • Hallways and stairwells, where the addition of brocades will conceal minor imperfections, a strong and resistant paint also protects the wall from damage. Because the Lumicca 1D and 4D paints are resistant to washing, their use in the hotspots will greatly facilitate the maintenance of the clean facility.
  • Kitchens, bathrooms and installations, so places, where unfortunately people still devote not enough attention. That’s where you can add just a little bit of unrestrained joy and fantasy, and it is only because Lumicca with glitter paints.


Lumicca 1D and 4D paints not only looks great. What stands behind their popularity are also evidences directly related to functionality.

  • High resistance to washing, even with the use of detergents is certainly an asset, especially if the paint will be used in the hallways, on the staircases or in a busy restaurants.
  • High breathability is a feature, due to witch moisture does not need to gather in the room and will be transferred outside as it should be done, and so through the wall.
  • The effect of lightening – it’s more than just a visual advantage. With this feature, you can visually lighten, warm and enlarge a room, which makes Lumicca 1D and 4D paints ideal for applications where other decorative effects could be too overwhelming.
  • The greatest advantage of these paints is still, however, that they can be used in almost any arrangement, since the two options of amounts of glitter and three versions of the base color are enough to turn into a magical spectacle every, even the most ordinary, paint.


The layer of Lumicca 1D or 4D decorative paint is applied to the wall painted in any color. Of course, for practical reasons, it is recommended to paint the surface twice with the backing paint, which will result in a uniform color and will eliminate any imperfections.
The paint Lumicca 1D and 4D are applied by grinding it with the shaft. The product is sold as a ready-to-use, but if the texture does not allow for convenient distribution of paint it may be diluted with about 15% of water. To decorate large areas it is advisable to seek professional help – it is easy then to unevenly spread glitter particles, so the effect will be counterproductive.

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