Spatolato effect is one of the more creative paint finishes created with use of Lumicca Pearl. For some people the shapes imprinted with a plastic trowel resemble flower petals, for others it’s just a chaotic spots and soft edges, but regardless of the subjective perception, it is a well-looking decorative effect, closing in some sense a warm and pleasant to the touch finish of satin paints, adding them a pleasant to the eye glare, which, however, does not offend, but rather gently tickles the senses.

Lumicca Pearl is a paint with a delicate pearl gloss that can be transparent or tinted. In the case of the Spatolato effect both types can be used, depending on the desired result. The effect itself is so subtle that it fits both classic and modern interiors, and the distinction will be based primarily on the selection of appropriate colors of the used paints to the specific interior.

Putting Spatolato effect does not require special skills, but with a little bit of practice the effect might be better, and it can be achieved faster. However, it is the reason why a person without some experience of finishing the walls should not immediately decide on such type of finish. Well, it looks good only if the primary color layers are perfectly smooth and it in many interior is not easy to achieve due to the imperfection of the wall itself or plaster that is covering them. You need to know how to deal with these problems, because in the opposite case Spatolato will only exaggerates all the disadvantages.


Lumicca Pearl paint is an ecological finish with an outstanding technical parameters and a great value for the money.

  • These paints are characterized by a high flexibility, which results in its resistance to impact and damages caused by moisture or temperature changes. This ensures a good durability of the coating and their good looks for a long time.
  • Surface of Lumicca Pearl paint is smooth, which doesn’t attract dirt.
  • Lumicca Pearl paints are resistant to washing and very well tolerate most detergents, so keeping them clean is a child’s play.


  • Effect Spatolato is applied directly to the Lumicca Pearl paint, but there must be some (not less than two) layers of satin paint below it.
  • Satin paints must be applied perfectly equally, and if Spatolato layer is to be created on the Lumicca colored paint, its color should preferably close to the tint of the last layer.
  • To achieve the Spatolato effect you need to apply the paint in spots on the wall, and then spread with a plastic trowel in the desired pattern, and remember never to go back to the finished area – once applied paint needs to dry out, which is why the amendments are absolutely unacceptable, because would only spoil the effect. You need to finish the entire surface with the pattern in one go – you can’t stop working and come back when part of the paint will dry.
  • For achieving the maximum durability, before applying the Lumicca Pearl paint you can wipe the satin surface with fine sandpaper, which is smooth and improves the adhesion of the next layer.

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