Spugnato this the pattern, that took the name from the Italian word for sea sponge. It is also the working tool, that enables to obtain such a pattern. Lumicca Pearl, is on the other hand one of the finest and most durable acrylic paints used for the creation of decorative effects, which is why we suggest you to use it for Spugnato effect.

Spugnato pattern is perfectly irregular, finally makes the wall no more smooth and naked, adds the depth of colors and results in the formation of discrete flares, which are formed at the place where the wall is covered with a different amount of paint. This kind of pattern perfectly masks irregularities and imperfections of both the wall and the previously applied layers of color. At the same time Spugnato effect has great details. Regardless of how far away are you watching the painted element, its soft, warm texture is always visible.

Execution of Spugnato effect is not difficult, but in order to achieve satisfactory results you need to make a good selection of color of used paints. Keep in mind that Spugnato pattern is not perfectly flat, so there will erect some certain inequalities on the painted element, which will impact the play of light, which will change the perception of color, deepening it and adding contrast. At the same time you can be absolutely sure that, thanks to the use of decorative paint Lumicca Pearl, the result will be very durable and attractive, because it is a high quality coating.


The combination of Lumicca Pearl paint and Spugnato is a brilliant idea for some places. For other it is one of the best alternatives for a classical finish.

  • Hallways, corridors and stairways: right here it will be hard to find a better way to finish the walls than the Spugnato effect based on Lumicca Pearl paint. The paint by itself is in fact even extremely resistant to dirt, to washing, but this type of effect allows you to mask the small dirt. Lumicca Pearl paint is in general an excellent choice when it comes to decorating an extensively exploited interiors, while the choice of this particular decorative effect even further enhances its usefulness.
  • Children’s Rooms is a place where every visually interesting effect will work well. An additional advantage is again the durability of obtained color and its resistance to dirt, that in some children’s rooms is quite a real plague. Interesting texture and velvety to the touch surface also make children’s room more cozy and “warmer”.
  • Beauty is a place where appearance is with no doubt very important. Spugnato effect, despite its simplicity, is very elegant and is unlikely to be the dominant element of the finish. This allows to keep the discrete elegance with the practical sense of the solutions. Reflections of light and delicate, iridescent glow will only make the look of the room more attractive.


  • High resistance to dirt, also for uneven and rough decorative effects.
  • Impact resistance and high flexibility: the painted surface of Lumicca Pearl paint is not easily damaged by accident.
  • Increased resistance to washing and detergents, which means that even if the wall gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned.


  • The surface must be pre-primed to reduce its absorbency and increase adhesion for subsequent layers of paint.
  • The first and the second layers of paint (Murimal or Ekorsil 200) have to hide possible wall imperfections, and besides, it will be the colored background for the ultimate finish.
  • The first layer of Lumicca Pearl paint applied without additional effects is the color background, as well as the primer for the decorative layer.
  • The second layer of Lumicca Pearl paint, applied with a sea sponge soaked in paint is the right decorative layer. During its applying remember to make sure that the sponge was initially impressed (otherwise the stains can appear on the wall), and also the fact that the sponge should often be turned because the resulting model should not be symmetrical. This is the way how the entire wall is decorated by tapping.

To apply a decorative layer you should use Lumicca Pearl paint double diluted with water. Also, be sure to apply this layer only after thorough drying of the first layer to avoid accidental removal of the deeper layers of covering.

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