Lumicca Pearl is a decorative paint, that allows you to create great-looking Legnato result, so the wood grains. To perform such an effect you needed only one dedicated tool and any Lumicca Pearl paint. Legnato effect on the base of Lumicca Pearl paints is practically unrestricted. The paint can be applied and the effect created on the gypsum surfaces, plasterboard panels as well as moldings, furniture boards, and if you want, also on the walls of other materials.
The only factor that might make the jars not identical to the natural is, beyond color but that is a matter of choice, its recurrence. An eraser for wood grain effect leaves a fairly regular track, but with proper practice you can create a really good imitation of the grain, and what’s more, there is nothing in the way to do it alone, by yourself, but of course you can outsource this task to the professionals as well.

Wood grain effect on the Lumicca Pearl paint combines the unique design and all the advantages of Lumicca family paints. This means that similar effects can be created virtually anywhere because Lumicca Pearl is one of the most versatile decorative paints, that you can use. Impact resistant, flexible, durable and washable is really a great choice. The fact, that the wood grain pattern will be be created on the surface does not limit the functionality of the paint, does not force great changes in technology it is applying.


Lumicca Pearl paint is very versatile, and because it can be tinted in many colors, the list of applications is increasing. With legnato effect it looks great in many places.

  • Children’s Rooms, where the pattern of the grain adds a fanciful charm. Such a pattern completely removes the need to build a real treehouse. Legnato effect enhances the space, allows for the discovery of a completely new colors and gradations that completely transforms the look of the paint. Although Lumicca Pearl is an ideally looking paint, it is the wood grain drawing that allows you to add the additional charm to it.
  • Living rooms, fireplaces, cabinets, and so all those places where wood is traditionally used for decorations. Lumicca Pearl does not have to be a way for the precise imitations, but rather a creative interpretation of the traditional way of arranging space. Different colors, crisp design and the ability to create unusual “wooden” creations gives great opportunities for all investors.
  • Drywall installations need to be effectively decorated, so that they were not an obstacle in the room. Legnato effect is a great way to do this in order to bring them to life, to add the depth and to make the buildings become not only a functional element, but also an aesthetic addition to any room.


Of course, theoretically, you could get a wood grain effect based on just about any paint, but on the other hand there are many arguments that speak for the selection of Lumicca Pearl paint.

  • High resistance to dirt: paint does not attract the dirt, it is hydrophobic and maintains its properties even with irregular texture of the finished wood grain pattern.
  • Lumicca Pearl paint is resistant to washing even with the use of detergents, so that in many places it is almost perfect. This are the hallways, lobbies or child’s rooms, so wherever the risk of contamination of the wall is always high.
  • Flexibility and damage resistance is also an important argument. In this way you can be sure that the color coat remains in excellent condition for years: it won’t crack even on the working walls, will not be damaged by an accidental impact, in one word, it will be eye-catching for a long time even in adverse conditions.


The application of the longitudinal grain effect is very simple. This is done using a special tool with which you simply have to drag the paint to form the desired pattern. Because a strong push of a sponge will result with the removing of the last layer of the paint, before application you should wait until the first opaque layer dries up. But underneath it we need a properly applied backing layer and a primer so that the effect of color is deep and clear, you get the desired glow and during the creation of a pattern the deeper layer of color is not uncovered. Legnato effect can be done by yourself or by use a professional service, which is especially suitable for investors who are worried about whether they will be able to perform the pattern over a large area by themselfs.

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