Tamponato effect, achieved through the use of the deerskin stamps, allows you to create surface that is visually attractive, masks the minor failings and is full of light reflections. Ekorsil, Murimal 200 or ECO12 paints are responsible for the basic color, and Lumicca Pearl paint (transparent) is responsible for the colored flares and glow effects. The idea of ​​the whole effect is very simple – it is all about turning a monochrome wall into the surface that will play with even the slightest rays of light. This effect, though apparently it may seem otherwise, is very elegant and not overwhelming. It is rather a modest addition to interior design, regardless of the chosen color – Lumicca Pearl is a family of paints giving a fairly moderate effects, that though distinct, are still quite subtle.

This is one of the easiest effects to prepare on your own. It requires only to supply the appropriate size of deerskin stamp. It is rather hard to make any errors here, and if the wall beneath the surface of the last layer of paint had some minor flaws, the sparkling surface of Lumicca Pearl will mask them perfectly. Of course, it is good to try avoiding such a situation, so the effect will be more beautiful, but if there was a tiny sliver of inequality or the small spall, it will probably not be visible.

Tamponato effect is very versatile in nature, so it can be used almost anywhere. Of course, last call is always made by the investor and should be made based on an analysis of a the color of the room and consideration of other, alternative to Tamponato decorative effects.


  • Like most of the effects based on Lumicca Pearl paints, also Tamponato is ideal for children’s rooms, but of course you have to choose the right color of the background for the effect. Variability of light reflections and great depth given by this effect to every finis are serious arguments for the choice of this effect.
  • Salons and offices, where the investor wants to put a little of sophisticated decorative. Tamponato effect is clearly visible, but doesn’t draw attention to itself in a trivial way – it “wakes up” only under the influence of light, which often results with the impression of the wall vibrating in the light.
  • Stairways and hallways – in these places Tamponato can mask the minimum dirt (paint Lumicca doesn’t attract it at all), and besides, it brightens and adds flavor to those interiors that were a bit forgotten by the decorators.
  • Decorative moldings and other details. In the case of the Tamponato effect the size of the decorated surface doesn’t matter. What depends on it is only the size of the used stamp, because that way you can decorate not only the whole walls, but also columns, and even moldings and trim strips, giving them a definitely decorative character.


Tamponato effect requires the use the paint, that has an excellent illuminating properties, but functional values also speaks for the use of this family of paints.

  • Lumicca Pearl paints are very resistant to damage.
  • This paints create an extremely flexible coating.
  • Lumicca Pearl paints have good adhesion, so the coatings become more durable.
  • These paints don’t accept dirt or dust.
  • The surface of the paint layer can be washed without the risk of damaging the coating (including detergents).


  • The substrate must be prepared for painting by applying the primer. It increases adhesion of the paints, improves the control over them during the application, and reinforces the outer layers of the substrate.
  • The first color layer is applied when the primer is dry. Ekorsil, Murimal 200 or ECO12 paint should be applied in a flat and possibly thin layer. The first color layer will dry for about 6 hours.
  • After drying of the first layer you can apply the second one using the same paint diluted according to manufacturer’s instructions. Here too, you should make every effort to ensure that the surface is completely flat. This time, the paint must dry for about 12 hours.
  • Lumicca Pearl paint layer is applied on a completely dry color layer with a brush on an area of ​​about one square meter. Deerskin tampon of an appropriate size should be used to slightly stamp entire decorated surface. The paint must create a pattern and cover the surface with a single, flat layer. Decorative layer drying time is about 12 hours, and after this time all the color and lighting effects are visible in its final form.

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