Lumicenta Plus paint is the latest generation of decorative paints. Like the other paints of Lumicenta family, devil in the details also in this case. Hidden in the shadow of the wall it will look like it was painted with an ordinary, but high-quality paint. However, if fall the rays of light will fall on it, the color will come to life, light will spill into delicate pearl speck in the twinkling of an eye turning into a myriads of small crystals.
Even without the effects of light Lumicenta Plus makes a big impression. This paint combines the elegance of pearl half-matte with the prestige of velours and velvet upholstery that resembles with its structure and temperature. In relation to Lumicenta Satinato, the fundamental difference in this case is its slightly coarser structure and greater brilliancy, but also the availability of different colors according to the pattern and the possibility of staining.

Lumicenta Plus is the paint for investors hungry for true beauty, for whom functionality and good looks have to go hand in hand, and who do not necessarily want to spend a fortune for an elegant finish – Lumicenta family paints are very efficient, and therefore also economical. Functional advantages, such as good water vapor permeability, very high adhesion and flexibility make Lumicenta Plus one of the finest decorative paints for interior use. The final appearance will always depend on the method of application and the lighting, but the functionality will remain high regardless of everything, which is why Lumicenta Plus paint, that is interesting not only for individual investors, but also is often the favorite choice of the administrators of the restaurants or hotels.


  • Lumicenta Plus paint is easy to application. An ordinary roller is all that you need for its application. It is also easy to keep clean the painted surface. Lumicenta paints are washable, so they can also be successfully used in areas exposed to dirt.
  • Permeability to water vapor is a very important feature in the case of paints used in bathrooms and kitchens. Lumicenta Plus is the paint, that the composition of which allows for a free water vapour penetration, so there is no risk that the water will be deposited on the surface of the painted wall. In addition, the paint has also antifungal properties, so there is no risk that it will be covered with mold coating.
  • Touch evaluation of the decorative paint is very important. Soft and velvety Lumicenta Plus passes even the most demanding tests. Texture reminiscents of a good quality fabric, it is warm and soft, what allows you to make any room a really cozy place.
  • Gentle Brightening effect, thats strength and form are dependent on the type of lighting, are something really unusual. It is due to this feature the Lumicenta paint becomes unique because it allows you to create a completely unique arrangement in each place.


  • This paint works great in the salons and ceiling. Its unmistakable aesthetic changes every, even the most simply furnished living room. Ceiling lit with pearly hues will allow for dreaming, relax and enjoying of the prestigious and beautiful interior.
  • In the halls Lumicenta paint allows to enjoy the beautiful finish for long. Even if it gets dirty, they can be easily washed, so the beauty will be seen by a really long time. Of course, in the case of long, dark hallways it will also be important that, thanks to the additional pearl flares the room will appear visually larger and certainly more friendly.
  • Pillars and columns that usually stand out with nothing but a form due to Lumicenta Plus paints may finally come to life. Decorative paint allows you to rediscover the beauty of the pillars that suddenly turns from a purely practical solutions into the biggest decoration of the living room or a large room. A lot depends on the light, which is why the columns covered with Lumicenta Plus paint look so unusual – differently from each side.


Lumicenta Plus is a paint that must be properly applied in order to look great and delight with charm. All comes to the proper application of several layers of backing paint and a decorative layer. Be aware of the appropriate dilution (it is different for the colors of the individual color palettes) and accurate drying of previous layers before applying the next.

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