Lumicenta Satinato for a new generation of decorative paint, which was the most amazing feature is the fact that it looks like an ordinary paint … until it is illuminated. Then show up all the pearl flashes, which is a lot. If you add to this that the surface of the paint remains soft, delicate and warm all the time, and the same paint applied to almost as easily as ordinary primers, then it becomes clear why Lumicenta Satinato is one of the most popular decorative paints.

Although the method of applying always the same, the effect in each case is different. This is due to the fact that the true nature of the decorative paint is revealed only after the light. Large differences appear so depending on how the wall will be illuminated during the day and what will be installed artificial light sources. It is this uniqueness, which, though not due to the composition of the paint, is a derivative thereof, is a real charm Lumicenta Satinato. This paint can with a little bit of light to change only the normal, colored wall, in shimmering pearl velvet upholstery.
Thanks to the fairy-like spectacle of colors, which can give Lumicenta Satinato, and elegant, half-matte finish in the shades, paint is perfect not only in painting houses and apartments, but also in offices, hotels and restaurants – wherever uniqueness and originality can decide with great success or ignominious defeat and wherever faced look of the room is on par with its functionality.


  • Bedrooms and living rooms, which gives an unusual charm. In these areas, as in any other, it is important that nothing will ever look the same. The possibility to alter the appearance of the room by ordinary light is very tempting and makes the decorative paint Lumicenta really allows you to enjoy the beautiful and literally unique interior.
  • Kitchens, closets, laundry rooms, boiler rooms: spaces, which are usually thought of only in terms of functionality, but it is a serious mistake. Also in these areas should take care of the beautiful appearance, the more that even today is where he spends quite a bit of time. A Lumicenta paint is ideal because it has excellent resistance to washing and not easy to stain.
  • Hallways, lobbies and other busy places also deserve special attention. The fact that the room rapidly dries gets dirty, does not justify macoszego treatment in terms of aesthetics. Decorative paints do not need to be very expensive, and the ones you like Lumicenta are resistant to dirt, they can forever change the thinking of hallways.
  • Ceilings, pillars, architectural details: all of them can change if Lumicenta Satinato paint will give them a new, mysterious glow. In this case, the key to success is delicate flashes of light that appear only when the object is properly illuminated. So if you want to do with the extraordinary solutions even more fascinating, this is a good way.


  • Paint Lumicenta Satinato is very easy to apply and just as easy to keep clean. With high resistance to abrasion and washing, you do not need a special effort to keep the wall impeccable cleanliness.
  • Soft and warm to the touch wall surface transforms any room. Satinato Lumicenta paint looks like velours, velvet-finish straight from ancient Rome. Full of elegance, however, is as practical as aesthetic.
  • Most of the decorative paint always looks the same. This is unique in this respect. Al you need is just to move the lamp or change the bulb, and the whole room will look as if it was all painted over again. Lumicenta Satinato paints perfectly responds to changes in lighting revealing or hiding pearly reflections.


An important step is to prepare a primer layer which must be equal and perfectly finished. A first layer of paint applied Lumicenta Satinato quickly and then allowed to dry, and then applying another layer, decoration. Appropriate dilution and the use of roller, allow you to give the wall a delicate, but palpable texture similar to a good quality fabric. Drying time is approximately 8 hours and during that time determined the final appearance of the wall. Correct incorporate decorative paint is not so difficult, but it requires skill, a little patience, and above all, the right tool.

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