Decorative pastes of the Metalfin family are designed for finishing surfaces, that are to be given to the appearance of the raw metal: bronze, aluminum, copper or nickel. This type of finish perfectly matches not only with modern interiors, but also as a complement to more traditional decorations. Metalfin pastes are manufactured based on acrylic-polyurethane resins that have a high smoothness, durability and flexibility. Metalfin pastes can be used eg. in bedrooms, living rooms or dormitory rooms, while Metalfin Hard is the paste, which excels in the hallways or lobbys, which is where is the need for an increased resistance. The aesthetics of the resulting finish are virtually identical, but Metalfin Hard is the paste based on more durable acrylic polyurethane resins.

Metallic finish of the interiors revives them. Although the raw metal plate is considered to be a cold material and rather unpleasant to the touch, Metalfin pastes allow to rationalize this impression: are warmer, but also shiny and well presented in company of typical metal surface additives. Due to the relatively high hardness of dried material, mechanical grinding is necessery, what smoothes the surface, giving it a distinctive glow, and also changes the structure of the applied material – with grinding the walls are smooth, but still quite warm to the touch. Impregnated with a suitable wall paint it becomes resistant to most of the dirt.

Finishes made with Metalfin decorative pastes are an exclusive addition to the simple, classical arrangement solutions, but they can also become an essential element of the tasty finished very modern room.


Metalfin decorative paste has many uses. Because it is one of the products that can be applied not only to the plaster or drywall, but also for furniture boards, etc., its tasks in interior design can be seen differently.

  • For decorations of drywall installations, so it will become attractive in itself, and not just functional.
  • To finish salons and offices, especially in styles assuming simplicity and austerity. At the same time, however, it should be remembered that the Metalfin pastes do not give the feeling of coldness, what is usual for the use of metal – they have metal like appearance, but they are warm in perception, especially in the versions imitating bronze and copper.
  • Decorative elements in the hallways, lobbies and waiting rooms. Due to the unusual appearance of Metalfin and Metalfin Hard decorative pastes are perfect as a part of the rebranding. Even small additions finished with these pastes attract attention and change the perception of the interior.
  • Atmospheric furniture, molding or additives finish. Metalfin pastes have a number of applications and are not restricted to decorate walls or cabinetry. With equal success, you can use them to cover materials made of wood panels, stucco plasters, although in the latter case, the problem may be the grinding of the surface.


The differences between the Metalfin and Metalfin Hard pastes lie mainly in their recipe. The first of the pastes has a higher content of acrylic resins, which are easier to apply, but also are softer and easier to be damaged, therefore Metalfin Hard should be used wherever there is a risk of soiling the finished items. This will be all sorts of lobbies, hallways, waiting rooms, but also walls eg. in offices of busy banks. Both masses are protected by impregnating with a suitable paint, but impregnation primarily protects against dirt, and less against mechanical damage.


  • At the beginning the substrate should be primed. Primer type is selected according to absorbency and the adhesion of the substrate. There are two formulations: Classic MFA ground for absorbent surfaces, including most of the walls, and the second one which is Primer E, used for surfaces with poor adhesion and absorption, which must also be pre-grinded.
  • Metalfin formulations are applied in one or two layers, and when the surface is dry it is polished mechanically at low speed. Abrasive grit should be adjusted to the desired effect, it is usually the option of between 200 and 1000.
  • The surface of the Metalfin paste is impregnated with transparent paint Lumicca Incolore to increase the surface glitter, stimulate light reflections and increase Metalfin pastes resistance to accidental splashing, loss of colors or to minor scratches.

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