Metalizzato is an extraordinary decorative effect, which makes possible for each wall to look like if it was covered with metal plates of a non-uniform color. This effect is available in three colors: gold, silver and interference green. For each of these colors, you can choose a different glow color, so that each effect is unique. The final look of the wall will depend on the color of the effect, color of the glow and the paint used as a primer.

The Metalizzato effect can be applied to a series of colored products Ekorsil, Murimal 200, Bucciato, Marmorino or Marmorino PV. To get a final appearance of metalized surfaces, apply two coats of Metalizzato preparations: basic one and the paint responsible for the color of the glow. This process requires considerable experience and a lot of patience, but the effect is worth even the long waiting.
Metalizzato works well both in the bedrooms and living rooms, as well as offices and atmospheric restaurants, hotel lobbies and as a decorative element of conference rooms. Different effects might be achieved depending on the selected set of the colors and the size of the surface: from gentle illumination of the room up to its optical reduction and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Popular applications include uniform coverage of small walls or applying partly to larger surfaces. Since in any case, you get a durable, dirt resistant layer, Metalizzato paint for special effects can be used virtually anywhere.


  • In drawing rooms as a decorative element. In the most popular concepts Metalizzato effect is used behind the bed or on a portion of another selected wall. Rarely it is used on the entire surface of the walls, and even if it is, it is rather in subtle colors.
  • Offices where Metalizzato is responsible for maintaining the prestigious appearance while reducing the severity of the appearance of the interior. This effect makes even the modest office gains class and becomes not only a friendly place to work, but also an impressive representative space.
  • The lobby and reception area, as Metalizzato gives the effect of a gentle lightening and optical enlargement. Due to the representative importance of both places, administrators of hotels do a lot to make them have a positive impression on the guests. Applying of a Metalizzato is the simplest possible and at the same time very effective move.
  • Wiping based on Ekorsil, Murimal 200, Bucciato, Marmorino, Marmorino PV bases. The effect of the metallic shine with an additional glow is what is often lacks in raw but great floorings, especially if the above-mentioned substrates where used on a large area. Eye-catching metallic wiping may become the hallmark of any room.


Proper execution of Metalizzato effect is not easy and requires several successive steps.

  • The surface must be primed with normal or reinforcement primer to increase the adhesion of subsequent layers and reduce the absorbency of the substrate. Amplifying primer should be applied to gypsum finishes and old plasters.
  • Two layers of a chosen paint must be applied to the primed surface, but it is important that the second layer has to be painted in the manner specified in the instructions of Metalizzato effect. This is important because even invisible micro-grooves in the surface of the primer paint layer will be helping or hindering in the process of obtaining the proper effect.
  • Metalizzato decorative layer should also be applied in a particular way. The shaft must be held at a proper angle. The application of paint itself is done with a brush – roller is a tool used for its distribution in order to achieve a certain effect. The second Metalizzato color needs to be applied at the right time, it is the one that is responsible for the glow. Obtaining a spectacular, resistant to washing color layer is not easy and requires excellent control of time, so it is rather unlikely to be applied on your own .


The effect given by this paint is truly remarkable in visual terms. There are lots of possibilities, because it all depends on the choice of colors for each layers, but in any case it is an unusual and surprising effect. Especially that thanks to its metallic glow it reflects light differently at any time. An important functional aspect is its high resistance to washing, so that the Metalizzato effect also can be used where there is a serious risk of of the walls contamination.

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