Muricon decorative plaster combined with Jeans Velatura paint is a perfect material, from which you can create beautiful decorative effects on the walls. Although it requires a lot of work, it is difficult to achieve a good effect without considerable experience, but the result is worth every minute and every dollar. That this is basically one of those effects that you can get at relatively low cost. Decorative effect is confusingly similar to applying to the wall a sizeable portion of the denim canvas in its original indigo color.

Muricon plaster is characterized by a large resistance and excellent flexibility, which makes the patterns created from it are very warm to the touch, and at the same time remain stable. Velatura Jeans paint in the color of original denim is the perfect complement to the structure of woven cloth, which can be obtained from the Muricon plaster. The effect is like a pair of jeans – a universal, because fits everything and almost indestructible. This similarity goes beyond expectations, right?

Wiping of the Jeans Velatura does not have to be kept in the original color tone. The offer also includes other, more vanguard shades and colors, and textured plaster will be completely covered with a layer of color, except that the structure will in this case be clearly visible, and will positively affect the reception of visual effect. The combination of durable high-grade plaster and decorative paint can give really excellent results, and the operation does not have to ruin investors budget.


The combination of Muricon structural plaster and Jeans Velatura paint results in an extremely powerful effect, so it is impossible to create an exhaustive list of applications. Everything depends on the imagination of the designer and the idea of ​​the investor how to use an unusual wall finishes.

  • Children’s Rooms is a natural testing ground for this type of effects. Due to the visual appeal and themes, which for various reasons may be called as the “youth”, the result of connection of a structural plaster and Jeans Velatura paint will probably not fit anywhere more than here.
  • Shops, restaurants, hotels and similar objects also like to use this kind of effects. Administrators of objects count that unusual and original interior design, which is in fact only the finish of the wall surface, will become both the showcase of the facility and also its curiosity.
  • Anterooms, which after all, also deserve our attention, are also often decorated in this way. Moreover, denim and jeans theme fits here very well, but it is also important that both Muricon plaster and Jeans Velatura paint are characterized by an outstanding durability and resistance to dirt.


  • Structural plaster Muricon is a compromise solution between the excellent quality and competitive price. Although they are more durable and more flexible plasters available for purchase, but they are definitely more expensive, while Muricon provides very good functional parameters at a slightly lower price.
  • Muricon plaster is flexible, so it remains insensitive to “working” walls effect or temperature changes. It is also highly immune to the damages caused by accidental impact.
    Both the textured plaster and Velatura Jeans paint are resistant to washing, so even if there is some dirt on the surface, it is easy to bring the surface to its original state.


  • After initial priming of the surface, allow it to dry, and then it should be primed the wall again, but this time using the quartz ground, which strongly increases the adhesion of structural plaster.- Structural layer is applied with the weed or a stiff brush after its dilution with 20% of the Muricon plaster. The optimal solution is to apply two layers of plaster, one after the other, and fluted grooves are formed in each of them perpendicular to each other on both layers, resulting with a texture similar to a woven cloth.
  • A decorative layer, which is Jeans Velatura paint wiping is applied without dilution with use of euromal. The resulting layer must be uniform over the entire surface, and if the color is not clear enough, you can apply a second coat of paint. Plasters drying time is of about 8-12 hours, the paint dries within 5-8 hours. After this time the effect is permanent – it will survive for years in this form without the need for renovations or any additions.

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