Muriston decorative plaster based on silicones and siloxanes is characterized by high flexibility and resistance to weather conditions, so is ideal not only for finishing architectural details in the interiors, but also the exterior surfaces. High hardness makes the resulting layer very resistant to mechanical damage, including scratches and splinters. High flexibility provided by the base materials prevents the formation of micro holes. Not only color substance, but also granular additives are responsible for aesthetic value of the plaster. Those can have different size and nature – stone grains, cereals brocade black or transparent or vascularity.
Muriston decorative plasters in all varieties of colors are applied in the same way. Prepared with high quality raw material require professional imposition to show their aesthetic value and to reach full functionality. Muriston decorative plasters are in fact the perfect solution not only for aesthetics, but also usability: abrasion resistant, water repellent and weather resistant. It is a great option for investors searching for excellent strength and impeccable appearance, both outdoors and inside.
The list of possible applications of Muriston decorative plasters is very long and depends only on the imagination of the designer and the contractor. Modern recipe of the plaster makes it easy to use in an unconventional way.


Muriston plaster has a good grip on a variety of materials, therefore it can be used, among others:

  • building insulation
  • paneling
  • raw concrete
  • drywall panels etc.


  • Makes it easier to keep clean in the hallways and lobbies, and additionally definitely raise the aesthetic value.
  • On the facades of buildings and as a decoration of architectural details, plaster will raise the prestige of the object and can become a key element in building of its identity by creating associations with an elegant, refined and tastefully decorated place.
  • The walls of basements, garages: for most of plasters it is a real challenge, since these sites have their own distinctive microclimate, there is also greater risk of different variety of dirt. Muriston decorative plasters are totally resistant to it.


Muriston decorative plaster is more than ideal aesthetic solution. It’s choice is also supported by purely functional factors.

  • Ease of use combined with decorative qualities. It is one of only few decorative plasters which imposition does not require more experience than the imposition of ordinary plaster, for a visual effect that can be achieved is completely different.
  • Hydrophobic properties and abrasion resistance make Muriston plaster an excellent choice in areas exposed to dirt: a hydrophobic surface will not be willingly accepting impurities, and if so, it can be removed without much effort, recovering the original beauty of decorative plaster.
  • Flexibility combined with high resistance to UV rays and moisture makes the resulting coating very durable even in adverse weather conditions. The appropriate mix of base components allowed the creation of plaster, whose good appearance will not be doubted for a very long time.


Muriston plaster is sold ready to apply, however, if the mixing is still too thick, you can add 5% water or resin. Keeping of the proper consistency is critical to achieve optimal results. Too thick plaster will not give a spread, and too watery will drain, leaving a translucent substrate.

  • The first stage is priming the surface. It increases the adhesion of subsequent layers, and the use of strengthening primer for the poor wall will increase the coherence of its outer layers.
  • On the primed surface you should apply primer again, this time quartz substrates primer to increase traction. While the first primer layer prevents excessive absorption, the second one is designed almost exclusively in order to avoid departing plaster from a wall.
  • plaster is imposed using a trowel steel, impressing the excess plaster on the thickness of the grains contained therein. A thin layer of plaster dries faster and looks good. It looks a bit different with wires plaster, but still the main principles remain unchanged: accuracy, precision and lack of unnecessary haste.

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