Perlagrande decorative paint is certainly one of the most unique paints available on the market. Its uniqueness lies in the subtle, but the full effect of the shimmering wall. The surface is covered with Perlagrande paint is silky, gives a warm and delicate the impression. Specific pearl additives make the glow gentle, distracted, what gives it a sleek, sophisticated look. It is not surprising that the Perlagrande decorative paint is eagerly selected not only by private investors, but also by the administrators of restaurants or hotels.
In case of Perlagrande decorative paint it is very important to maintain a proper application technique. It has enabled us to enhance the beauty of the pearl glow in symmetrical, delicate designs. Perlagrande structural paint is one of the few products that can be used almost anywhere, on surface of any size and in any case it will be fully justified to hope that the effect will be amazing. The ability to apply not just one, but two layers of paint makes the obtained results remarkably deeper, and still delights with exotic beauty and subtle pearl gloss of matte shades.

Perlagrande is a paint for determined investors, who cares primarily about the uncompromised beauty, but also about the unique effects. Elegance resulting from the fascinating combination of matt and gloss in this case is the biggest asset. Although the self-applying of the paint in order to get a beautiful pattern is not an easy task, the professionals are able to conjure up the true miracles with Perlagrande paint.


One of the major advantages of Perlagrande decorative paint is its universality. It is perfect for:

  • the hallways, which are optically enlarged, brightened, while at the same the paint makes them easier to be kept clean, as the Perlagrande decorative paint is stain resistant and washable. Due to that it works not only in houses and apartments, but also in public buildings, where the traffic is considerable and so grows the risk of soiling the walls.
  • the kitchens, where it adds elegance, it brightens them and adds a whole new appearance. With Perlagrande paint kitchen is no longer just a place where meals are prepared, and begins to play the role of a beautiful room where you want to spend time, even when you do not have anything to do there.
  • plasterboard installations. Additional wall in the apartment are often set up primarily for functional reasons, but their aesthetics often leaves much to be desired. With Perlagrande paint it changes once and for all: a beautiful finish of the installation makes it acquires a completely new look, and no longer is just a boring addition of necessity.
  • decoration of the pillars or columns. Thanks to the unusual combination of matt and pearlescent effects Perlagrande paints are definitely eye-catching and are able to give the interior a completely new character, while maintaining the classic simplicity of style. If you want to express your attention to details and at the same time do not want to make it too “luscious”, the Perlagrande decorative paint it is the perfect solution.


Perlagrande paints can give a really amazing effect, but to make it happen, they must be applied in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

  1. Primering. It maximizes the traction and makes the resulting models will be very durable and beautiful regardless of age. Layer of the primer, if well dried, what takes about 5 hours, allows for a sharp reduction of the absorbency of the wall, so that the application of the successive layers will be much simpler.
  2. Color backing. Primed wall should be painted with Murimal 200 paint in color as close as possible to the planned layer of Perlagrande decorative paint. This allows you to apply only one decorative layer to make the pattern receive an additional depth of color and the characteristic, shaded, clean decorative effects will appear.
  3. The decorative layer. For having the best results, Perlagrande paint is applied in one or two layers, but always in such a way as create patterns on the still wet layer with an INOX trowel. Working in stages should be planned in the way that will make it possible to maintain the continuity of the pattern, which means that the symmetry of the pattern should not be the random result. When it comes to Perlagrande paint, the most commonly used are ordinary oblique, horizontal or vertical patterns.


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