Decorative Paint Revello is a product of the latest generation, which combines the beauty of the effects, the combination of which was previously impossible. Pearly reflections and deep, matte colors is an unusual, yet very classic combination, reminiscent of the most luxurious finishes. Revello decorative paint gives the effect of a soft, warm to the touch finish, that subtly and gently illuminates and optically enlarges the room. It is one of the decorative paints that can work well applied both to the smooth and structural surfaces. With pearl and matte add-ons it is perfectly with any material, giving the room a look of classic elegance and sublime beauty.
Revello is the paint that is applied differently depending on the desired effect. May be applied evenly to the layer or may create interesting, shimmering patterns. This requires some experience and patience, but the obtained effect is worth the entire effort. Another advantage of Revello decorative paints is its relatively low price, which, combined with extraordinary versatility makes this product can be recommended for most applications both in houses and apartments, as well as offices, shops or restaurants and hotels. Stain resistant and easy to apply, giving hundreds of effects Revello paint is an excellent choice for the most demanding customers. This is an efficient and cost-effective product of the latest generation.


One of the biggest advantages of Revello paint is it relatively easy to obtain a wide variety of decorative effects. It all depends on the application technique. You can apply an even, not too thick layer, but more often decorative patterns are diagonal, vertical and horizontal or damascato. The last one is formed by the partial detachment of the paint from the surface and smoothing before the exact dry of the layer. Of course, the classification of all effects is not possible, especially since the decorative paint Revello also suits well for application on structural surfaces, what results in a completely new, not necessarily regular patterns and light effects. In addition, diversity is increased by the addition of pearlescent and matting substances, what means that even though identical technique, the paint will never look the same in two places. The way how sunlight rays would fall, is very important and makes Revello transform the interior in many ways.


Decorative Paint Revello, among many other advantages, has the one that it is very resistant to dirt, and if it comes to pollution of the outer layer, there is nothing easier than washing the dirt. High resistance and a big performance at a low price makes it one of the cheapest ways to make an impressive finish of the interior of a luxury shop or a restaurant. For the same reason Revello paint is used in the corridors and lobbies of office buildings, where prestige is the most important thing. Also, the atria or the reception areas in small hotels are often finished with this paint, but most often Revello paint is used at homes. Well suited for hallways, also those narrow and dark and in the kitchens. Due to the good water vapor permeability it can also be used in areas with higher levels of moisture without fear that the walls will cease to breathe through a layer of decorative paint.

Beside the painting of large surfaces Revello works well for painting of small decorative elements, including pillars and columns.


  • The wall must be primed with normal or reinforcement to increase traction and reduce absorbency. It is recommended to use strengthening primer on old plasters or weak gypsum plasters (new too).
  • Primer paint (Murimal 200) is applied in one or two layers, keeping in mind that a possible second layer is applied only to completely dry substrate. Dilution – can optionally be up to 15%. The primer should be chosen so that the color of the primer paint dovetails well with the chosen shade of Revello paint.
  • The primary method of applying paint Revello is her trituration using a trowel in plastic in the shape of circles, and optionally you can choose one of the many other possible to obtain results. The paint is sold as a ready to use, so it should not be more diluted.

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