Sahara Aluminio is a decorative paint, which combines good look of metallic surfaces enriched with small flares and glow over the entire surface with the easiness of the application to any surface, both smooth and structural. By selection of the application method, you are able to control the appearance of the painted surface. Metallic sheen harmonizes perfectly with modern, avant-garde interiors, but you can also find it suitable for many classical arrangements, and it all depends on the concept of investor.
The basic application, of course, is as a cover for smooth surfaces, but there is nothing to prevent the Sahara Aluminio decorative paint to be used to enrich the structural patterns made on Muricon or Deriva products. Metallic glow deepens the pattern and gives it an additional clarity. Still bursts do not appear equally on smooth surfaces, as it is on mirror surface. Small metallic particles in the Sahara Aluminio paint can be arranged in all directions and the visual impact will never be 100% predictable.
The applying of Sahara Aluminio paint is not difficult, but you need a good knowledge of the instruction. The application of the last layer itself is carried out in several steps to result in the desired effect. Metallic glow that adds an unusual charm to any room, it is possible to be achieve without massive investments- one coat of Aluminio Sahara paint is enough, it is applied with a yield of up to 8 meters per liter.


Applications of the Sahara Aluminio paint are very similar in the case of smooth and structural surfaces. There are different ways to achieve the effect, of course, but the paint is just as functional as impressive all the time.

  • Living rooms, offices and other representational spaces that require modern, kept in bright colors and attractive finishes. Sahara Aluminio gives unusual metallic glow, so it does not fit to all classical compositions, though, in most of them it might be found useful.
  • Anterooms, small rooms, that, thanks to the paint with the brightening effect will be optically enlarged and warmed. Metallic sheen with a relatively low temperature in case of this paint is inextricably linked with a warm texture that is pleasant to the touch, what apparently seems to contradictory, but it helps to build a very unusual interior.
  • Pillars painted with Sahara Aluminio look atypically, even futuristic. In modern arrangements it will constitute a perfect complement to wall finishes.
  • Kitchens, especially the modern ones, where stainless steel equipment and accessories are used on a large scale are the perfect place to make creative use of Aluminio Sahara paint.
  • Installations and details of modern interiors, that, thanks to this particular paint will get a different, unusual appearance.


  • Aluminio Sahara paint coating is very functional one, so its attractive visual effect is not the only advantage.
  • The paint is easy to apply, especially that you can use one of many techniques that lead to the creation of a wide variety of effects.
  • Sahara Aluminio is a dirt-resistant paint – in places that are not particularly vulnerable to damage or soiling it works perfectly.


  • The first layer on the substrate should always be the primer. The same in this case, but you should select either the standard primer or the reinforcing one, if the wall is old and weak. Robust primer increases adhesion of Sahara Aluminio paint and improves the quality of the application, thereby providing protection against damage to the freshly painted surface.
  • Color backing are two layers of properly prepared Murimal or Ekorsil paint of a similar color to the one of the decorative layer. Both layers have to be applied evenly and efficiently in order to achieve optimal results.
  • Decorative layer is only a 10-20% diluted Aluminio Sahara paint. Dilution is done primarily to allow for a better distribution of the applied paint, and also to protect you from getting too strong effect. Depending on the application method, you can get delicate structure one the paint and create a another decorative effects, other than the standard flares resulting due to the chaotic distribution of the paint.
  • Sahara Aluminio paint does not need to be secured in any way, and the fact that there are metallic particles in its composition means you do not need to apply a second layer – carefully applied first one is more than enough to get an interesting effect.

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