Smooth plaster with Egyptian travertine creates a very durable layer that can‘t be accidentally damaged. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the most resistant and durable products on the market. Its additional advantages are water vapor permeability, good look and ease of maintenance that are just further reasons for its popularity.

Plaster of travertine give a very delicate glow, caused by the mineral grains and subsequent impregnation with proper transparent paint. But it is not a highly but rather one that you would describe as a delicate, sophisticated, subdued but elegant. Smooth plaster with Egyptian travertine has its own unique structure. It results from the use of certain minerals and applying techniques, but the visual effect is completely different than in the case of structural plaster from the same family. Smooth plaster has excellent decorative qualities, but does not create such a deep structures.

Due to the universal beauty of travertine, plaster with this mineral is very versatile, but due to the cost of the substance and its applying it is rather used in luxurious interiors. It raises the prestige of well-designed offices and lounges, meeting aesthetic and functional requirements of of hotels or popular restaurants administrators This kind of plaster is used on walls in the most prestigious cultural facilities, including theaters and operas, although of course it will be equally attractive finish in the crowded cinemas.


Smooth plaster with Egyptian travertine works well wherever there is at least periodically heavy traffic. However, because of the undoubted aesthetic, applications are not limited to such locations.

  • Corridors, hallways and stairways finished with a travertine plaster will not only gain functionality. They also become much more aesthetically pleasing because travertine plaster adds them the elegance and sophisticated taste.
  • Thanks to this plaster kitchens can turn into places much nicer than many living rooms, and by the way the problem with too much humidity will disappear.
  • Drywall installations through the use of travertine plaster may finally become a perfectly integral part of the architecture room. Often formed under the influence of immediate needs they remain underdeveloped – covering them with a smooth plaster with travertine will give them ornate and decorative character.
  • Rustications can also be made with the smooth plaster. Although you have then to spend more work with them than when using structural plaster, but they will still look great.


  • Smooth plaster with Egyptian travertine distinguishes with its good adhesion. It is applied for a coat of quartz backing and that is completely enough to get a perfectly durable, virtually indestructible layer.
  • Humidity is the problem of many interiors. Plaster of travertine has a great water vapor permeability, so the problem can be quickly removed, thus ensuring a favorable for health microclimate.
  • Travertine smooth plaster used in the system is completely resistant to abrasion and highly insensitive to detergents, making it one of the easiest to maintain decorative plasters.
  • The product is 100% natural so it can be successfully used wherever they care about green technologies and environmentally friendly products.
  • A major advantage is the fact that the plaster with travertine can be applied directly to any type of base plaster without putting an additional coat of plaster. In order to obtain a solid layer you should use an appropriate primer and backing.


To get full strength and maximum resistance it is necessary to impregnate finished plaster with one coat of Lumicca Incolore colorless paint. If the plaster is applied to external surfaces or particularly exposed to corrosive conditions, it is advisable to impregnate second layer as well. Double impregnation is also used with plasters, that ultimately are to be tinted with decorative paints, which is not always necessary – Egyptian travertine can be tinted to any color with a fairly wide range of colors, and the natural color inequalities only add the charm – using color impregnation works best with structural plasters, whereas with the smooth plasters it is less important.

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