Dry natural travertine, Travertino naturale, is a decorative plaster based on slaked lime and particles of travertine. It is designed for use in areas with high traffic, so in conference rooms, restaurants, hotel lobbies or along routes in popular sites. There is an impregnation in the system with Travertino naturale, that additionally hardens and emphasizes the aesthetic qualities of the decorative layer.

Travertino naturale is one of the decorative plasters that can be applied directly on the plaster (both limestone and machine), without earlier putting of gypsum plasters. Preparation of the substrate in this case is the same as with coating but definitely makes it easier to prepare the finish.

The color of the plaster can be enriched by adding optional glitter particles. The basic version of the plaster is not very shiny, but still retains a characteristic shine, specific to natural assets. The protection used to immunization against scrubbing and washing gives additional protection from dirt, which makes Travertino naturale one of the most functional plasters in areas with heavy traffic. It also looks great in any color variant, especially if the finish is combined with an appropriate quality lighting elements. However, it such an individual finish that it’s hard to generalize about its nature or appearance. Only the functionality is always equally high.


Plaster on dry travertine, when used in the system is virtually indestructible. Resistant even to long-scrubbing, virtually impossible to be accidentally damaged by impact, hardly captures dirt so is perfect wherever it is class and strength that matters.

  • Staircases, lobbies and hallways or corridors. Travertino naturale works great in cinemas, theaters, hotels and restaurants, as well as in conference facilities and similar objects.
  • In the hallways and stairwells, even if there is moderate traffic because Travertino natural is a very easy to clean finish if it gets dirt.
  • Around the fireplaces and on the pillars because thanks to this finish they will finally get an extraordinary look.


  • Decorative plaster with natural dry travertine is well permeable to water vapor and helps to maintain a healthy climate and compromises the deposition of mildew and microorganisms.
  • Used in the system becomes completely resistant to washing, it also is insensitive to scratches or other mechanical damages.
  • Travertino naturale is a plaster made from one hundred percent natural ingredients and without additional pigments. Its beauty comes only from the presence of grains of natural travertine.


  • The surface, regardless its type, should be pre-primed, which will strengthen the surface, and will make it easier to apply several layers of finish, as well as will consolidate and strengthen them. For priming it is recommended to use the MFA Classic product mixed with water. The ground must dry well, which takes about 5 hours.
  • The land itself does not increase grip enough, so you should use a Bucciato quartz primer. When applied with a flat bristle brush it is the perfect base augmenting grip – it works in some ways like a second, stronger layer of the ground.
  • Dry travertine must be stirred with water in an amount corresponding to current needs. Created substance is to be applied evenly to the dried primer on the thickness of the grain with use of a trowel. This first layer will be a strong base and will give the next layers a color depth.
  • The second travertine layer is the right decorative layer. After it has been applied using a trowel, a knife or any other tool you should be carefully, not to damage a deeper layer, create a pattern of the travertine. You should then smooth the resulting pattern with a trowel and wait until the mixture is dry.
  • Dried plaster should be impregnated, with use of a colorless Lumicca incolor paint. It will add a delicate shine to the whole surface and especially it will protect travertine from any damages and dirt.
  • In the case of plaster applied to the external facade or to add extra depth you can apply to the finish a second layer of waterproofing impregnation, also with diluted (10-50%) Lumicca Incolore paint. For standard finishes this layer may be omitted without any harm to the aesthetics or functionality of the finish.

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