Venetian Clay Decora is a family of three transparent paints, in which different color additives are responsible for the formation of color effects. This product is available in three versions: Decora, Decora Gold and Decora De Lux. They differ from each other in color of used additives and, therefore, in effects possible to achieve. The output effect for all of them is the effect of the dew, but it depends on the color additives, how exactly this effect will look like.
Decora clays can be used in rooms of any style, because their subtle effect fits perfectly with both classic elegance and loud modernity. Particles cracking during drying create a unique effect, and because the paint is completely organic, breathable and resistant to mold and moisture, it will work well in any application, even in interiors where you need to be absolutely sure that are always safe.

Different color additives make Decora, Decora Gold, Decora De Lux clays have a slightly different visual effect, although the difference is only in the colors. Both, the method of applying and drying time, are the same. Another advantage of this paints is that it is colorless itself, so you can apply it on virtually any surface, so even the oridinary, smooth wall can be turned into a real work of art. It is not particularly difficult, although the method of applying the clay is quite specific and you need to have a lot of experience to get everything done as it should be.


Decora, Decora Gold and Decora De Lux differ only in the color of bursting bubbles.

  • Basic version of Decora paint has white color of additives. When the bubbles burst, subtle effect of the dew is formed. It fits perfectly with the classic interiors, it also looks good in modern ones, that are already in principle full of colors and shapes – it is the most versatile color version.
  • Decora Gold, enriched with gold flecks, gives a completely new look to the walls. Gold “droplets” catch your eye and make the light playing beautifully with even the simplest arrangements. Certainly, it enriches any interior, while the fact that the additives are uniform in color makes this version worth choosing for more complex arrangements.
  • Decora De Lux has the droplets of different colors: silver, gold or interference. The decorations made from this clay are the most colourful ones, full of fascinating splendor, yet mysteriously beautiful. Even an ordinary wall comes to life, painted with Decora De Lux.


The results obtained through the use of Venetian clays are very subtle and delicate, especially when you compare it to typical decorative paints. This is what makes the clays of Decora family often chosen as an important element of the arrangement of public buildings – while keeping a neutral character of the interior this clays add to its class and unusual charm.

  • In the children’s room Decora paints will add the necessary charm. Small, shimmering particles will change every, even the most ordinary wall into a beautiful dream board. You will not need any stickers, murals or modern tablets to make children feel perfectly.
  • In the bedroom particles will be subtly gleaming on the wall, even if the light is turned off. It is thanks to them that you will find yourself in the realm of dreams, from which it will be even harder to get up to go to work in the morning.
  • In the kitchen, light particles will not only add charm, but also hide minor dirt that will probably have to appear even on a perfectly wash resistant paint. Aesthetics is important and this applies not only to providing of the meal, but also to the kitchen itself, where it is being prepared.


Decora transparent paint is applied to evenly painted wall. You have to make sure that the applying layer of the decorative paint as flat as possible. It is wiped in different directions, and a small protruding lumps are to be gently removed after a few minutes, with the use of the flexible trowel. After drying of the paint there will be no trace of them on the wall.

It is very important that the base color was applied evenly, because paints of the Decora family are colorless and do not cover any imperfections. Illuminating particles will give the charm to a well-painted wall, but imperfectly finished will only pay attention to the shortcomings. It is worth remembering that the pellets will not create any regular pattern, so during the painting of a decorative layer, do not miss any nook or corner.

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