Veneziano effect requires quite a lot of work, and the application of a variety of preparations, including at least two paints, one of which is semi-opaque Lumicca Pearl paint. It gives a delicate satin glow to finish and is used to mark multicolored patterns in a simple diagram. Veneziano is one of those effects that turns simple finish into something really exclusive and extremely beautiful.
Elegance and high resistance to dirt make Veneziano effect ideal for investors who want to obtain a perfect appearance, but without the use of structural solutions. Simplicity is in this case the basis for elegance. Perfect look of finish in case of Veneziano effect is a result of the perfect game plan for play of colors and gradations between them.
Execution of Veneziano effect with Lumicca Pearl paint requires a perfect aesthetic sense in the planning stage. The execution itself is also not an easy task because it is necessary to combine different elements of colors, and it should be done quickly – Lumicca Pearl paint dries fairly quickly and shaping of Veneziano effect is only possible on a wet coating, when the paint can be well distributed and does not cause smudges at the same time. What’s important, in our plans for the effect we should take under consideration not only the primary colors, but also the color of gloss that will appear depending on the choice of base color for Lumicca paint: pearl, gold, interference green, red, navy blue and interference tints of gold or the lack of glow with apparent gloss.


  • Children’s Rooms, where the color has always played a huge role. Because in the Veneziano effect you can be combined many different colors, this effect is created just for the challenges that face designers of children’s rooms.
  • Salons: that’s were more subdued colors and transitions between them are used, than in the child’s rooms, but everything is limited only to the imagination of the designer. Veneziano effect allows you to create a very personal and completely original decorations in the stores. Elegance, and humble simplicity at the same time, meet in this effect, allowing for breathtaking finishes even in the most exclusive lounges.
  • Stairways that even with simple Veneziano effects finally become a beautiful places. The same applies to places such as the foyer or hallway. Veneziano effect allows at a relatively low cost of investments to turn them into beautifully finished and refined, in terms of aesthetic and functionality, interiors.
  • Kitchens, where the biggest advantage of Veneziano effect is smooth surface that hinders the adhesion of even the most stubborn fatty nature dirt.
  • Installations and architectural details, if they have an area large enough to let us sharpen any effect. Single wall is completely sufficient surface for this to show the full beauty of the effect, so it can be a perfect complement to the arrangement.


  • Lumicca Pearl Paints are resistant to washing and to most household detergents. This allows to use the Veneziano effect also in areas exposed to dirt.
  • The surface of ​​the effect does not accept dirt, so the walls finished with Lumicca Pearl paint with effect Veneziano stays clean for a long time, as if were freshly painted.
  • Flexibility is another feature that enhances the functionality of Lumicca Pearl paint with Veneziano effect. In practice, it is extremely difficult to damage the surface of the wall by accidental impact. Flexibility is also useful in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, where decorative coatings must withstand large temperature changes.


Obtaining Veneziano effect requires precise applying of several different layers.

  • The first is always the primer, which strengthens the ground and strongly facilitates the application of the following preparations.
  • A second layer of paint are alreay paints of the Ecoqua Plus family (or similar). Equally applied color layer will provide a foundation for subsequent layers and will hide minor imperfections of wall surface. Applying a first coat of paint should be carried out as quickly as possible, so that the entire wall dries out evenly, to prevent cheating of the paint and formation of microscopic cracks.
  • The third layer is applied in exactly the same way as the previous one except that in this case the drying time must be longer: in case of the first paint layer it was about 6 hours and now need to wait twice as long.
  • Decorative layer is created with Lumicca Pearl paints. To get the desired effect, use two or three colors, and paints should be respectively heavily diluted with water. Applying of consecutive strips with euromal should allow to create the correct order of colors and to finish gradations between them.

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