Venetian stucco is one of the most classic ways to finish large areas. Creating of a professional stucco layer requires a real skill, as well as considerable patience and accuracy, but the effect is worth every effort. But, in order to make sure that everything goes according to plan, it is always worth to ask for help of a person who has more experience.

Venetian Stucco is a completely natural finishing material. Produced from the mineral debris can turn into a perfectly smooth, lustrous surface, and by the ability of choosing almost any color it is one of the most flexible methods of finishing both small and large areas. Made with natural ingredients based on slaked lime it is a great alternative to synthetic finishes. Venetian Stucco is a decorative, prestigious and very elegant finish, which is characterized by very high functionality, comparable to the synthetic products of the latest generation, and in some ways even higher.

The only problem is that applying a layer of stucco requires excellent knowledge of technology, efficiency and perfect timing. Fortunately, the majority of investors is opting for professional help, so they can get a satisfaction guarantee. Ultimately, it is one of the finest finishes that you can choose, so why should one risk its wrong applying, since it is not a huge cost of the investment that you still need to finance?


Venetian Stucco is a very versatile product, and in most cases you do not even need to be additionally protected with wax. Well applied final layer of stucco provides not only excellent aesthetic, but also full functionality.

  • Bathrooms and kitchens, when finished with Venetian stucco become unusual places. Colored wall finishes, shimmering in accordance with the lighting are a part of it. An additional advantage of stucco here will be the fact that even in the case of waxed surface, that can be usually omitted in kitchens and bathrooms, this finish stands out with an excellent vapor permeability.
  • Fireplaces, especially if they are also architecturally highlighted, covered with Venetian stucco, look really great. Stucco layer applied to the fireplace makes it is a source of pleasure and a sense of security, even when it is blank, because small fires in stucco never go out.
  • Pillars and architectural additions finished with Venetian stucco acquire a completely different look. Stucco is one of those brilliant forms of finishes that transforms raw material into the most beautiful one in the world, the most refined and even not very beautiful architectural details can easily turn into a major source of positive aesthetic experience.
  • Hallways and stairwells – despite appearances, is a perfect place for stucco. These places usually are underexposed and are not particularly refined in terms of style. Simple stucco finish may change it once and for all.


Venetian stucco has several extremely important advantages that makes it, despite its relatively high price, worth considering as a form of finish.

  • Good adhesion for easy application even in hard to reach areas and those in which a number of finishing methods simply can’t be used, including, for example, the ceilings (also suspended).
  • Light reflections allow for optical brightening and enlarging of not very spacious rooms, and obtaining it only requires a good applying of stucco, waxing is necessary only in areas vulnerable to contamination.
  • High water vapor permeability allows you to take care of a favorable microclimate. In addition, it makes it difficult for formation of mold outbreakes, which by the way can’t occur in stucco due to its adverse pH.


The most difficult step of depositing the Venetian stucco is the applying of the leveling and shining layers. The first requires enormous precision, because at this stage is not yet to be shining. The second of these stages, most frequently the last one on the way to a perfect finish, requires a precise, but also rapid and efficient use of a small trowel to shine the surface. In the case of larger planes this task requires also considerable strength. It happens very often that people who want to apply stucco on their own, damage the surface at this stage, because of a usage of a low-quality tools or a rugged trowel edge.

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