Decorative Paint Zephyro is one of the most original interior paints. It owes its uniqueness to combined effects of metallic glow and flares on half matte speck of quartz. The decorative effect are transitions from light to dark areas surrounded by a pearly glow. This kind of effect, of course, depends on the chosen color of the product, and allows you to apply the Zephyro paint bothto classic and very modern interiors. The rule here is one: you have to consistently repeat the pattern all over the decorated surface.

Zephyro paint has good functional properties. It is durable, resistant to damage, very efficient, and above all protected against fading, which means that once finished surface will not require renovation for a long time. It gets its resistant to washing about three weeks after application, so after this period it will be even easier to keep it clean, but on the shimmering surface the soils are always slightly visible.

Curious, sand-metallic effect with pearl glow is completely unique – no other paint or plaster is allows to achieve a similar results. An important advantage is the fact that in order to achieve such an effect one does not need to have any special skills or experience because the attractiveness of Zephyro paint effect is in the randomness of the vibrations and movements of the brush, which is used to apply the decorative layer, and therefore almost anyone can handle this challenge.


Zephyro decorative paints, inter alia, through an interesting range of colors and the unique decorative effect, are very versatile and a catalogue of their applications is far from being closed. The fact is that in order to fully appreciate their charm, it is good to cover a large surface with them, but that does not mean that on a small one Zephyro does not work well.

  • Children’s Rooms, which relates specifically to the bright, vibrant colors of paint. Attractive appearance is certainly a huge advantage in this case.
  • Salons, living rooms, offices, etc. Such a rooms will always require special care, and attractive-looking Zephyro paint finish is its perfect expression. Luxury, elegant, but very original visual effect is an undeniable advantage.
  • Anterooms, kitchens, hallways and small rooms: all of them can definitely improve their appearance, if they are painted with bright Zephyro paint. This will increase and optically brighten the room, so that it becomes more refined and friendly.
  • The original look of the Zephyro effect makes these paints perfect for hotels and restaurants, which depends on creating their own identity also through unusual, good appearance.


  • Zephyro decorative paints are resistant to washing (the full resistance is achieved three weeks after application). Thus, if it the surface gets dirt, it can be easily cleaned without damaging the decorative layer.
  • Good adhesion ensures that the resulting coating is durable and resistant to damage. Zephyro is an interior paint, but it is still resistant to many adverse factors, including low and high temperatures and humidity.
  • Zephyro paints are very easy to apply. You do not need to use anyu special tools to do it, you don’t even need to have a huge experience in paintings.


  • The first step is always and inevitably to prime the surface. Even if the substrate does not need to be strengthened, the primer will reduce its absorbency, which will improve the economics of the paint usage, and above all, it will facilitate its applying.
  • Color background for Zephyro paint should be applied it two layers of Murimal Ekorsil 200 paint. They will ensure an adequate protection of the substrate and the color contrast of decorative layer. Color of the color layers must be chosen in the way that it does not differ much from the intended color of the decorative layer.
  • A decorative layer is applied to the dry substrate by brush, and after a few minutes substance must be smoothed. Thanks to that glossy additives contained in the paint will concert quite irregularly, which guarantees excellent appearance of the surface.

Just after applying the Zephyro paint it will not look as it should. Until the dry (5 hours) surface will be “maturing” and when the paint layer is dry, it will reveal the final design and determine its color. Zephyro layer gets its complete stability after a few hours.

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