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Why an exclusive interior design is so expensive?

Everybody knows that luxury must be expensive. However, at least in the case of interior design, the cost does not come from nowhere – it is a derivative of the real price of the project, as well as the price of materials used to implement the arrangement. The uniqueness of the materials used in luxurious interior arrangements is that they were of high quality - paints include less filler, and more bases, as well as they are of better quality and they have more durable pigments.
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Interior design: knowledge and skills

Preparing the interior requires some specific skills. The arrangement is not only manifestation of artistic freedom, but above all it is an attempt to close the aesthetic form within maximum functional solutions. It is required from the designer that he could combine completely different, often seemingly contradictory, elements in terms of functionality and decorativeness.
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The best arrangements with the finest materials

One of the most common mistakes is to design the arrangement only with regard to its aesthetic qualities. This error is made even by some experienced designers, putting aside the question of appropriate materials. And such oversight always takes revenge.
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Small – yes, but why so ugly?

Many owners of small apartments turn away from their professional arrangement for just a small yardage. But let's be honest - small apartments are not so cheap in relation to large apartments, so the economic argument is often not justified. Besides, it is even more important point: there is no reason why a small apartment is to be furnished worse than a big one.
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Upmarket kitchen designs

The concept of luxury is quite smooth, and in the case of such rooms as the bathroom or kitchen it is very difficult to interpret it, although each person has its own vision of the exclusive interior. Arrangement designers have to face an enormous challenge - to design a kitchen that is so functional that every meal can be prepared quickly, and yet so beautiful that you have a strong willing that preparing a meal lasted much longer.
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Exclusive idea for the walls

Are there any finishing materials for the walls, which would be available only to the wealthiest investors? Not completely. Each technique of finishes offers its economic equivalent. Instead of ceramic paints and special effects - acrylic paint can be offered, instead of washable wallpaper - ordinary ones, instead of wooden panels - those made of cardboard. And yet there is a huge difference between the higher class, and even the average one, not to mention the economy class.
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Wood in exclusive interiors

Exclusive interior designs often feature wooden trim. Although it is a classic material and once it was used widely, today high-end finishes of wood definitely are one of the most expensive but also the most functional.
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Both ordinary and unusual interior design

The portfolio of each outstanding interior designer includes projects that at first glance are completely average. Single-color walls, simple interiors, rather undeveloped overly rich, using classic, not to say common materials. Often, these projects just hide great mysteries.
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How to browse the portfolio of an interior designer?

Today, we want to warn you against a serious mistake, which often happens. It is difficult to assess the ingenuity and skills of exclusive interior designer, if you can not see his earlier works. Therefore, a portfolio is often the primary criterion for the selection. However, it frequently turns out that many designers present there somebody else’s projects instead of making their own.  
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How does the arrangement of exclusive interior come into being?

Exclusive interiors differ not only with the price of the project and the type of used materials. In practice, there are also different ways of preparing projects. What distinguishes luxurious designs of apartments and houses is that they are always created with the participation of the investor. This may be limited to gathering the initial guidance and consultation of the final project, but usually the designer is in permanent contact with their clients in order to keep current in their opinions as to the specific elements of the project.
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