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Ready arrangement captivates with colors, delights with ideas and enslaves with the quality of workmanship, but what you can see is only a part of a larger whole. What we often do not see is a wide range of construction chemicals necessary to create a luxurious interior finished with high quality materials. Building chemicals, all kinds of primers, glues, grout, mortar and coats are measures that usually remain invisible. Ideal are those that do not affect the quality of the arrangement, because these are only means applied to achieve the goal. But that is why it is so important to use only the best construction chemicals to the best interiors. More efficient preparations, effectively fulfilling their functions, provide greater durability, as well as they rationalize the cost of investment. Higher unit price often goes hand in hand with greater efficiency or better grip – depending on what a particular preparation will be used for.

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In the page you can see just a few products from our extensive range. Contact us and we will certainly find something for you.

szpachla mira

Putty for repairs, buffing floors and walls

Our offer includes a deformable, waterproof putty for quick repairs and smoothing floors and walls. Ideally suited for repairing defects and cracks in floors and walls. It is suitable for buffing floors and wall for residential and industrial surfaces. It can be used as a substrate for paint, ceramic tiles, waterproof membrane, etc. To be applied in the internal spaces.

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masa silikonowa mira

Silicone sealant

Our offer includes a silicone sealant, highly elastic, acid free, odorless, with good adhesion to ceramic tiles, glass, sanitary facilities. Ideal for use with natural stone. Available in 25 colors.

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Gray adhesive mud

Gray adhesive mortar based on cement, frost and waterproof, reinforced polymers.
Ideally suited for fixing paving, natural stone, slate hewn. For oily natural stones, such as slate special instruction is required. Stonefix is intended for application to a substrate of concrete, cement filler and asphalt.

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We work on the products of leading manufacturers:

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Litokol is one of the most popular brands of construction chemicals manufacturers. Litokol earned sympathy of designers, architects and construction crews principally with the quality, but also with the wide range of products. Predictability of the effect in construction works is extremely important, and Litokol construction chemicals guarantee such predictability and repeatability of the effect.

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Mira is a brand of construction chemicals designed for work on the most demanding construction sites. Fugues, glues and muds of this brand are created with carefully selected ingredients. The perfection of each product follows years of experience and a lot of work of a scientific nature. Investors who decide to carry out the work using Mira building chemistry usually faster than the others can enjoy the view of the finished arrangement.