Our offer includes the original Italian furniture, both rustic and modern. Designed by top designers, created on different styles.

Our offer

In the page you can see just a few products from our extensive range. Contact us and we will certainly find something for you.


High pots

Original pots are not only suitable to decorate the house from the outside, but they are also very impressively in the interiors. In conjunction with tropical plants and cacti they give a little exoticism to any room in which they are located.

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kanapa na drewnianych nogach

Sofa on wooden legs

Original combination of sofa and wooden legs is ideal for industrial and modern interiors, yet elegant and stylish.

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rustykalne lustro

Rustic mirror

We offer a rustic mirror, effectively wiped, with original ornaments. Suitable for both fresh and elegant interiors.

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oryginalny szklany stolik

Original “wheeled table”

We offer original table on the wheels of a bicycle, which is ideally suited for unusual design. People with sophisticated taste, who like unusual combinations, will surely love it.

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koń rzeźba

Wall figures

Various figures of wall, in the form of animal heads fit perfectly into a raw and industrial interior, and even ancient, due to their metallic hue.

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stolik z nogami

Table with metal legs

Ornate wooden coffee table with metal legs is an example of a simple combination of two different materials, which impresses with its amazing effect.

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lusterko małe

Hanging mirror

The combination of simple materials giving the effect of originality. A mirror hanging on a clothesline perfectly with raw spaces, walls of concrete, and brick.

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The couch of unusual shape

Couch made for creative, artistic design, perfect for art connoisseurs, who like original and imaginative arrangements.

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rustykalne meble

Chest of drawers on metal legs

Komoda ozdobna, kreowana na starszą. Doda uroku wnętrzom surowym i rustykalnym.

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oryginalny stolik na drewnianej nodze

Table on a tree trunk

The unique, round table with the leg made of a tree trunk is a great addition for those who have artistic soul and want to add some unique charm to a living space.

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Chocolate-like couch

Unusual sofa, which resembles cubes of chocolate, ideally finds itself in a modern interior. It is characterized by its original shape and form.

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Półka z drewna

Wooden shelf

The unusual form, a combination of wood with metal, functionality – these are just a few of the features of the shelf offered by us.

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lustro z drewna

A round mirror with a wooden frame

Simple, yet beautiful round mirror with carefully made, wooden inlay.

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podświetlany wazon

Illuminated vase

Our offer includes vases of various forms, illuminated from the inside, taking the variety of shapes. They are an interesting addition to interior design.

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fotel z pianki

The seat of foam

Soft, comfortable, with original design and modern form – seat of foam.

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wysoki taboret

High stool

In our offer there are high stools, ideal for the kitchen island.

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szklany stolik na kółkach

Glass table on wheels

Low glass table on wheels, which by its simple form captivates with originality.

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We work on products of leading manufacturers:

Dialma Brown logo


Dialma Brown is a manufacturer of unique furniture. At first glance, it is classic furniture that has inspired the designers. They preserved in them most of the materials and the clear nature of all the furniture, but each project has something special – an element that in a certain way, but also classic, does not fit into the other. Dissonance that makes our eyes automatically migrates toward these unusual details.

Emeco logo



Emeco is a manufacturer of furniture that attracts attention from the first moment. All because they combine seemingly irreconcilable classic designs with modern materials. Rocking chairs with a cold, polished stainless steel, straight lines combined with arches, vibrant colors on projects that are associated with more sedate color dark wood.

Facon de venise logo




Facon de Venise is a brand not widely known as a producer of furniture. The furniture being the subject of our offer, were developed by the project team in order to complete the arrangements arising from the use of unusual proposals of Facon de Venise dedicated to lighting.

Fontana Arte logo




Fontana Arte furniture is brilliant in its simplicity. The basic stile is prosy, but each design is a kind of “experiment”. This is extravagant furniture, which, due to the materials used, are suitable for most interiors furnished in classic way, as well as those in which decors with a contemporary character are dominating.

Sixinch logo



Sixinch is a brand which designers are entertained, swear geometric solids and colours adapting them to a new role: bench made of rectangles sofa with “diamonds” or Louis in bright green color. Sixinch thus becomes the brand increasingly popular among designers and investors looking for a way to make the classic arrangement of a more diverse and modern – the original, but fully functional.

Slide logo




Slide is a brand of rebellious designers, who noted that the potential of simple solids has never been fully utilized. Therefore, Slide furniture is the essence of simplicity, although thanks to the soft lines, it seems that every piece of furniture is more complex than it is in fact. Slide are also the masters in finding still unused functional capabilities.

Vintage logo



Vintage is a brand whose passion is setting a new face to classical projects. In accordance with the principle that each classic piece of furniture can do even better and more beautiful, Vintage designers are involved in the introduction of modifications to the period furniture. Here a slight change of color, additive or image here any ornaments, yet elsewhere expansion of the function… And so is created one of the most successful marriage of classic furniture with modern.


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