Wooden floors

Finding a flooring material that will satisfy all the expectations of the demanding investor is an almost impossible task. As a general rule, however, properly treated wood, domestic and exotic, is such a raw material. Why? Wood, despite the apparent weakness attributed to organic raw materials, in the appropriate treatment achieves a very high resistance, and aesthetic values result from its nature.

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Tailored floors perfectly matching your interiors

Relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Rooms full of soul and filled with warmth. Floors with a simple charm made of wide raw planks in soft and suppressed colours. Creating space – plenty of room for each member of the household and guests as well.

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Resistance to destruction

Wooden floor has an effective appearance. Should we then resign the four-legged friends with claws that could scratch it? The floors we offer are specially impregnated and formed in an appropriate way, so that they are resistant to damage and scratches, so you do not have to worry about unwanted blemishes caused by your pets.

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Space and effective appearance

Play with colour, shape, functionality in your apartment. Connect by matching and mixing materials with the patterns. The floors add warmth and glow of a personal style, where you have to break the rules. Using the floor you can warm, or cool your interior, give it a sophisticated look.

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We work on products of leading manufacturers:

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Barlinek is certainly the most recognizable flooring manufacturer in Poland. They earned recognition with product diversity. In the premium segment there are several product lines, which provide the highest quality possible (in each successive catalogue really more and more products can be classified as top quality products).

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Boen floors are high quality wooden floors. Made entirely from carefully selected raw materials, which only emphasizes the natural character of the accurate processing – they are an excellent choice for investors who want to emphasize the individual character of the interior of the prestigious rooms.

Jean Marc Artisan



Jean Marc Artisan floor
is in a class of its own. The fact that the floors are made exclusively of carefully selected oak wood, that is still nothing. The floors are in fact made entirely by hand, a large part of the work is done by traditional craft methods, even if there are other, more efficient ways.

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