Bathroom ceramics and sanitary fittings

Ceramics and sanitary fittings go hand in hand – one without the other is not functional, but that does not mean that you should always focus on the sets. Modern ceramics, not differing significantly from the models available for a very long time, and elegant fittings, which is a development of the simplest ideas, is certainly an essential element. But we can not say that it is a necessary evil – the right choice makes each arrangement of the bathroom take an individual character, and its functionality is perfectly tailored to investors’ expectations.

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ceramika łazienkowa

Shower tray with the addition of wood

The combination of ceramics and wood is a simple way for a modern solution for your bathroom.
Specifications: Verona Shower tray:
Size: 1200x800x50 mm

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ceramika umywalka bathco

Ceramic sinks

Ceramic sinks resembling big bowls, being a combination of simplicity and modernity in one. Specifications Castellón:
Dimensions: 430×145 mm

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ceramika globo

Ceramics of various colors

Sanitary fittings designed especially for sophisticated bathrooms, available in various colours. Sophisticated shapes give it a unique character.

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Ceramika łazienkowa

Ceramika łazienkowa
Ceramika łazienkowa
Ceramika łazienkowa
Ceramika łazienkowa
Ceramika łazienkowa
Ceramika łazienkowa
Ceramika łazienkowa
Ceramika łazienkowa
Ceramika łazienkowa Ceramika łazienkowa Ceramika łazienkowa Ceramika łazienkowa Ceramika łazienkowa Ceramika łazienkowa Ceramika łazienkowa Ceramika łazienkowa

We work on products of leading manufacturers:

logo Artcream



Art Ceram is a manufacturer of ceramics and sanitary fittings, which combines subtle shapes and functional design. All projects show the latest interior trends inspiration, but at the same time it is also a clear care for practical aspect of the suggested solutions. Art Ceram sanitary ceramics includes all the necessary sanitary facilities.

Bathco logo



is a manufacturer of ceramics and sanitary fittings for modern bathrooms. Among the very modern, even futuristic projects, there is also a number of more traditional models, making the company Bathco one of the producers of the most diverse portfolio. Sanitary ceramics from Bathco are in most ceramic and dolomite proposals kept in the aesthetics from the border of classicism and modernity.



Cielo is an Italian manufacturer of sanitary ware in a modern design and expressive forms. Sanitary ceramics from Cielo gives primarily an opportunity to give bathroom a completely unique look without losing functionality, which at this level of complexity of the project is a considerable piece of art. Cielo ceramics representing each product line varies with dominant shapes and colours.

Cifial logo



Cifial fittings and sanitary ceramics
offer quite conservative proposal when it comes to aesthetics, but so versatile that in modern interiors they will also make you enjoy the beauty of polished and thoughtful arrangements. An extremely extensive offer is very important feature of this brand. This allows you, trusting only one producer, perfectly equip each bathroom regardless of its style, size or specific destination.

Hansgrohe logo



Hansgrohe / Axor ceramics and sanitary fittings
is the quintessence of luxury. This is one of the most recognizable brands in the premium segment, although it would be reasonable to create even higher class. At the same time, however, it is worth noting that Hansgrohe-Axor offers ceramics and sanitary fittings from mid-range. A special feature of the company is a refined, sophisticated design and simple aesthetic solutions, derived mostly from the classic trends.

Hatria logo


is a manufacturer of sanitary ware and mounting elements that are complementary to it. A special feature of the products bearing the signature of this sign is their appearance: Hatria ceramics are pieces of equipment that are inspired by the classics, and only slightly refreshed to meet the needs of modern investors, who want their bathrooms expressly referred to a typical decor.

Globo logo



is a brand of the Italian manufacturer of sanitary ware. It is one of the few brands that in their projects successfully combine modern trends in design and functionality required by all investors. The entire range is divided into a series for which the common denominator is always a dominant shape or a design convention.

Kersan logo



Kerasan is one of the most well-known manufacturers of sanitary ware maintained in a very classic style. The design proposed by the designers of Kerasan brings to mind the most classic patterns: soft, rounded contours, subtle lines and definitely typical shapes. Kerasan offer includes sanitary ceramics along with associated fittings, and in all products passion for simple, aesthetic and functional shapes can be clearly seen.




Paini is one of the well-known manufacturers of sanitary ware and fittings. Projects of the Company are developed in Italy and are divided into several collections, each of them is divided in the following order lines for which the common decorative element is selected by the designers: it can be a colour, it may also be a form associated with the function of the item.

Fima logo




Carlo Frattini is an Italian company engaged in the production of sanitary fittings. A common feature of all the projects is their innovativeness. Futuristic shapes, moving away from the classical project for a very modern, complex spatial forms and the use of unusual materials with an extremely attractive design and quality make the offer of the company.


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