Professional renovations and construction works should not be a problem for the investor. We know this, that is why all the works that you will find in our offer we do by ourself, taking care of the highest quality of our services. We strive to ensure that our offer is complete, so that it satisfies all the needs of the investor, who thus will not have to look for another contractor for certain work.

We offer all often sought repairing and construction services: editing, installation, construction of partition walls and cabinetry, finishing works, removing of old wall coverings, as well as the distribution and installation of artistic railings and other wrought iron elements. All these works are made with great attention to details – in accordance with the submitted plans, designs or instructions given by the investor. We also make every effort to ensure that the work performed by us is the least invasive – if the investor instructs us to do only the painting or wallpapering, during this work we will secure the floor well to avoid damages. Professional renovations team composed of experts specializing in performing the work of a particular type supports the orders, putting enormous importance to ensure that its implementation is in accordance with the submitted work schedule. We also provide professional support to the investor, if he does not have an experience large enough to take by himself some purely technical decisions. We do not change projects, we do not overstate the cost of the work, but we honestly perform the duties entrusted to us.


Our offer includes:

  • installation and maintenance of electrical installations. We create a safe, functional and modern network, with excellent quality, reliable materials and leaving open possibility for relatively easy renovations required in the future.
  • installation, service and renovations of hydraulic systems. We make sure that we create systems that are stable and functional. We use the latest developments in the field of hydraulic technology so that the investor can be sure that he will be using a reliable and efficient installation.
  • demolition and dismantling. We run them with great attention to safety and having in mind the functionality of the rooms. Dismantling and demolition are conducted in the way assuring that no damage will be done to the finishes surrounding the element being dismantled in a greater extent than it is necessary, and demolishing is done with caution, taking care to protect the environment of the objects.
  • removing of plasters, tiles, etc. This work must be carried out carefully not to cause serious damage to the substrate. Experts from our company can minimize the damage, while working quickly and taking care not to damage the surface outside the part designated for the renovation.
  • application of plasters and gypsum. This work requires experience and precision. We handle it well even with very demanding finishing materials, therefore investors trust us also in terms of precious and elegant finishes, for example. stucco, which application requires years of practice.
  • setting the partition walls and plasterboard installations. Many renovations companies provide similar services, but we do it well: precision, care and accuracy are our distinguishing characteristics. Deceptive ease of installation of cardboard-gypsum is the reason why many investors are asking us to improve the work of the less professional renovations crews.
  • setting the brick walls. Theoretically, it’s easy, but the technical knowledge and technology in this case is the factor of crucial importance. We have the necessary experience to perform similar work quickly and accurately.
  • installation of suspended ceilings. This is a task for the highly skilled team. Precise installation of the ceiling, through which it will be possible to access the installation placed above it, but with proper security of the structures is a prerequisite for good appearance and full functionality.
  • whiteware – sanitation is particularly sensitive and is very important for the comfort of the room. Given the fact that all white mounted pieces of equipment are directly related to the hydraulic network, you need to keep a sufficiently large care, and work has to be carried out very precisely.
  • laying tiles, ceramic tiles and stones. It does not require great skills if you’re not laying patterns of complex geometry. There is no too complicated challenges for our renovations team: perfectly equal the floor, smooth wall, beautiful fugue – with us it is really possible.
  • floor boards, parquet floors, mosaics, panels. Floor finish is a very big challenge, especially since all components must be carefully folded, which requires patience and sometimes matching the individual elements in place. We are able to do it quickly and professionally.
  • painting and wallpapering. Poorly done reduces functionality and aesthetic of the finish. By taking care of all the details we provide more durable finishes. We also work with paints for special effects and structural surfaces.
  • railings and wrought iron elements. Not only it requires special skills to create this elements, but also to install them in the way that will highlight the uniqueness of all the details and increase the value of your investment.

Our offer is addressed to the private investors, as well as hotels, schools, offices, etc. We treat all customers in an individual way, coming with an understanding to all the projects presented to us. We make sure that with us each investor is able to us realize his dreams not only about a beautiful design, but above all a beautiful reality. Surely you can find a cheaper contractors – we know this because we often have to improve work done by them. By choosing our company, each investor can have absolute confidence that we will help him in a professional manner to achieve even the most complex projects. We are so confident of our competence that we give the guarantee for all the work we do – it happens very rarely that the investor needs to use it.