Shower trays

Modern trays are an essential piece of equipment in any bathroom. It is not just about functionality, but also for the visual effect. Like other elements of the broadly defined ceramics and bathroom fittings, shower trays also are an elegant finish of an artistic conception. Each decoration is composed of major and minor elements that need to be aesthetically consistent. Such elements as modern trays just make this possible.

Our offer

In the page you can see just a few products from our extensive range. Contact us and we will certainly find something for you.


Classic Trays

We offer classic shower trays in different forms: semi-circular, pentagonal and rectangular trays; They come in various sizes. Tailored to each type of bathroom, care about aesthetic values.

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fiora brodzik silex-rustica

Rustic Trays

Product Description:

  • Available in 18 colors and 2 textures.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: thanks to nanotechnology trays have the ability to repel water, which makes their maintenance simple and safe.
  • Easy to fit and personalize.
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fiora brodzik silex

Trays adapted to any space

Product Description:

  • Adaptable to any space.
  • Range from70 cm wide and 250 cm long. Customizable dimensions.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: easy to maintain, does not require abrasive products.
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fiora brodzik silex-priviege nature szary

Trays of sublime texture

Product Description:

  • Modern texture and natural colors that resemble classic Italian marble. They add space and luxurious design. In addition, a wide range of tones cover any needs in the field of interior decoration.
  • Easy to fit and personalize
  • 2 textures and 14 colours
  • thanks to nanotechnology trays have the ability to repel water, which makes their maintenance simple and safe.
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We work on the products of leading manufacturers:




SanSwiss trays are the complement to the range of shower enclosures of the same brand. According to the aesthetic assumptions SanSwiss trays to be primarily functional, but still aesthetic and original. Top quality is very important in the portfolio SanSwiss: the trays are made of a very durable and esthetic materials, as well as precision-finished, which directly translates into the ease of use.

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Riho trays
are very aesthetic, even exceptional products that are designed to support the artistic concepts of unusual shower enclosures of the brand. Riho is a manufacturer known for its highly creative, modern designs that rank highly the aesthetics of cabins and shower trays. And, if the cabins are fairly large offer when it comes to artistic creations, it’s no longer the case of trays might seem that such freedom does not exist. Well, it is and Riho offer trays is the best proof.

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Fiora trays are unusual in many respects. Above all there is no use to look typical shower trays catalogue made of plastic in a boring, white color and a smooth surface. Fiora produces two series of trays: Elax and Silex, and each one is absolutely unique both aesthetically and technically. They are made of a patented material which resistance resembles that of natural stones.

Functionality and also good appearance

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