Our offer includes a wide range of various Italian lamps. Unique shapes of lighting designed by the best designers will make your apartment original and at the same time effectively illuminated.

Our offer

Here you can see a few products from our wide range of products. Contact us and we will certainly find something appropriate for you.

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Single hanging lamps

In our offer there are also simple, yet aesthetic lighting solutions to your home.

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lampa oryginalna

Lamp with glass beads

Original lamp in the shape of a circle with falling and iridescent glass beads in a variety of delicate shades will add charm to any interior.

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Original hanging lamps

Subtle and unusual lamps made of special material, adjust its size and shape to individual customer needs.

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Decorative indentations

Lamps taking a variety of forms are not just decoration for the interior, but also create an interesting angle of light catching.

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Modern solutions

Lamps for determining the direction of incidence of light are not only functional, but also original.

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“Cloud” type lamp

Interesting solution for people with rich imagination. The lamp shaped like a cloud that is hanging in the air, while providing a warm, dim light.

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lampy (10)

Lamps as ,,hanging threads”

Artistic lamp hanging from the ceiling like threads, not only by its phenomenal form enrich the decor of your home, but also will give it a cozy atmosphere.

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nietypowe oświetlenie

Unconventional shapes

The designers create original forms of lamps, which in reality gives irreplaceable, original effect: thousands of flashes of light and unusual visual effect.

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lampy (9)

Simple connections – the original effect

Often a combination of simple, ordinary things gives the original effect. An idea and creativity of the designer really count. An ideal example of this is phenomenal lamp made on the basis of combined multiple bulbs.

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lampy (3)

Glass „bulbs”

The combination of two different types of glass and interesting form have contributed to the creation of the original lamps for all kinds of interiors.

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lampy (14)

Light scattering effect

Lamp resembling hanging metal stones, effectively scatters light giving the interesting lighting effects both on the walls and all around the room.

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Classical forms

Our offer includes also classical lamps that perfectly find themselves in both modern and elegant interiors.

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Dancing light rays

The lamp has been made with special care, with an unusual structure, through which the light rays create original effects on the walls in the room.

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lampy (4)

Hanging balls

The ingenious lamp that heats each interior. Its interesting form resembles a glowing balls hanging from the ceiling, illuminating the interior.

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podświetlenie dekoracji

Illuminated decorations

Illuminated decorations add charm to any interior. We offer a carefully crafted bottles with broken glass.

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Ceiling lamps

Lamps in different shades, creating a warm atmosphere in the house and effectively illuminating your home.

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“Cables” like lamps

Lamps resembling cables, can be arranged as you want, so as to illuminate a given space.

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Impressive chandelier

This is just one of the many chandeliers are in our offer. Carefully made, reflective by thousands of glass particles.

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We work on products of leading manufacturers:

929 Milano logo


929 Milano is an Italian manufacturer of lamps produced directly from the traditional, simple, geometric shapes, but designed with fantasy. Individual projects significantly differ from each other: from the shape of the base, the complexity of the project, on the functionality of ending. These lamps are designed for unusual interiors.

Artemide logo



Artemide It is one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of decorative lamps. The domain of this brand are very complicated projects, even if they arise from the classic templates, but the most recognizable are ultra-modern and futuristic models of lamps, especially hanging and standing.

AXO Light logo




AXO light is a brand with a very diverse offer. It can be conventionally divided into two segments: small, almost minimalist and focused on the functionality of the projects and lamps of a primarily decorative. In both cases, the lamps are designed on the basis of asymmetrical shapes, so their shapes are light and seem far more subtle.

Carlesso logo




Carlesso is a manufacturer of elegant lamps inspired by the most interesting inventions of nature. Both the palette of colors and shapes are usually based on the canvas of a specific object: the regularity of honeycomb, elegant heron or deep colour of Barollo wine. Definitely, these are not ordinary interior lamps.

Demajo logo



Demajo is a manufacturer of lamps, which are invariably associated with sometimes simple, functional designs. The primary distinguishing feature of the products of this brand is their functionality. Demajo lamps are built on the canvas known and loved for years, and often for centuries projects, but here there is an important difference – materials and design.

Dialma Brown logo



Dialma Brown is a brand by all means unusual. Its offer includes lamps, interior decorations and individual pieces of furniture, such as luxury seats decorated in the old style. Most product lines Dialma Brown were inspired by the classics, the modern materials and unusual ideas set by the designers have given a completely new face.




Egoluce It is quite unusual brand among lamp manufacturers. Characteristic feature of all the products of this company is a quite unconventional approach to materials and shapes. Because the vast majority of lamp Egoluce has a simple, geometric shapes, but the designers of the Italian brand decided to do something that only a few decided to – the light of the lamp was used not only for the extraction of the beautiful surroundings, but also for the light source.


Fabbian logo



Fabbian is a manufacturer of non-standard lamps. What is unusual in them is that the beauty of design can be seen only after ignition of the light in complete darkness. Shades designed by designers cooperating with the brand Fabbian always hide a secret. These are not simple lamps, although they may look like that at first glance.

Facon de venise logo



Facon de Venise This brand is very unusual. On the one hand it reflects the simplicity of the initial blocks, on the basis of which individual project is produced, on the other astonishing wealth of transformations which they were subjected, to create so unusual and unique lamps.

Falb logo




Falb is a brand dedicated to the design and production of lamps inspired by the wider industrial style. Specific design, distinctive materials and focus primarily on the functionality of even the smallest detail, undoubtedly allow you to include this brand among the manufacturers whose products are intended for most prestigious and luxurious interiors.

Flos logo



Flos is a brand fairly typical in its form, manufacturer of fashionable lamp, which, however, comparing to other products of this group, stand out clearly when it comes to precision workmanship and some functional and decorative details.

Fontana Arte logo




Fontana Arte is a brand dedicated to the design and production of primarily artistic lamps, but also some elements of the interior: luxury coffee tables, decorative candlesticks, etc. What can be seen at first glance in their offer, is a passion for soft lines, modern design and fantasy shapes.

Foscarini logo




Foscarini is a brand not commonly known, but having a number of regular devotees. Lamps coming from the design office of Foscarini are always given descriptive names that suggest what was the inspiration for the designers. It can therefore be the Big Bang, Fields of Grain or Sunset, but in each of these projects there is something extraordinary: the Big Bang becomes simpler, the fields overlap each other, and from the setting sun designers drew not the sun, but its reflection in the sea.

Disel with Foscarini logo




Foscarini Diesel lamps in the industrial style, whose primary task is to provide excellent lighting in all conditions, and to creatively interpret the rules of artistic brutalism and industrialism. One must admit that Foscarini Diesel designers coped with the task well enough that their lights are the perfect complement to the arrangement using the effect of concrete.

Ideal lux logo




Ideal Lux is a brand that gave rise to one of the most popular trends in lighting, commonly pursued by the lamp in the shape of light bulbs with fancy filaments. However, the original project sponsored by Ideal Lux are definitely perfect. Some – because they are very easy in its geometric outline, others – because a higher degree of complexity goes hand in hand with the quality of workmanship and the selection of the best materials.

Itama logo




Itama lamps that look fairly typical, but just unusual in their typicality. Although their projects are not flashy or aesthetically aggressive, they have something unusual. What’s more – it is difficult to identify this trait. For some, it will be specific materials for other – geometric solid foundation of all projects, and yet another group of investors will appreciate these projects for their versatility.

Landa logo



Marka Landa
brand is famous for its unique interpretation of typical projects. The company specializes in the design of lamps, which are seemingly ordinary. Or could it be an asset in the case of luxury products? Of course. Landa lamps are a developmental versions of the well known and respected for years, classic shapes and tested materials.

Leucos logo



is a brand of lamp manufacturer, its designers face extremely difficult task: to pick up a classic design, upgrade it with decorative details that will enhance the aesthetic value, but in such a way as not to lose anything of the functionality, but even to gain from it. And because the task is completed successfully, Leucos lamps are one of the most beautifully ornamented lamps offered by the market.

Masiero logo



Masiero is a manufacturer of floor, hanging and desktop lamps, which common feature is a combination of a simple basic design and a well elaborated aesthetic finish. Few manufacturers have decided to close these two characteristics within one product, as they are difficult to reconcile, but Masiero collaborates with designers, who perfectly coped with such a difficult challenge.

Moretti logo



is a manufacturer of luxury lamps inspired by very old forms of lighting. Many of the projects has obvious signs of inspiration of the lamps used before electrification, others again can be associated with a ship lighting, but they all are designed from scratch in order to best work with modern light sources and provide an aesthetic finish for many different arrangements.

Murano Luce logo



Murano Luce
is the name of the Italian manufacturer of lamps, which in Polish can be successfully translated as “sconce”. And although most of the products actually offered by Murano Luce are wall lamps, there are also proposals for hanging lamps, unremitting the first in any aspect of design. Basic projects Murano Luce are spartan simple, but their greatest strength is versatility and the possibility of combining modules into the various sets.

Panzeri logo



is a manufacturer of lamps of the perfectly simple, symmetrical shape. Their simplicity it is almost always impaired by a small item – the decorative “strip”, an asymmetric mounting point or a circle that goes into an ellipse. Panzeri lamps are playing shape. They also play light, because the designers have taken care of it, to a large flares were not boring and monotonous.

Possoni logo



Lampy Possoni
are the proposal deeply rooted in classic designs, not far from them in order to please investors. Apparently the brand designers have come to the right conclusion that models of lamps inspired by the classics do not need too many modern elements to become the perfect complement to the luxury interior design.

Vintage logo



This brand specializes in giving the the new shine to the old design. The company offers furniture, accessories and lighting elements. The basis of all projects are models and designs for many, many years – inspired with Louis furniture, lamps inspired by gas lighthouses or sconces inspired decors of the ancient Rome.

Vistosi logo



is a brand represented by the manufacturer of futuristic lighting. Even the most massive hanging lamps seem to be light, they strike with freedom of designer’s hand. Every detail is thought out, because most forms are relatively simple and they owe unusual decorative value only to themselves.

Voltolina logo



is a brand specializing in the grand chandeliers, both inspired by classical European proposals, and much more modern designs from the US, which, however, also on the Old Continent have already gained popularity.

Zonca logo




Zonca produces unusual lamps and chandeliers. Although most manufacturers modifying classic designs with some details, in order to further raise the prestige of the execution, Zonca does the opposite – they achieve perfection by simplifying some elements of the initial project, which allows in a wonderful way to expose things that are most important.


Light up your interior in a unique way