Micro concrete

Micro Concrete is a fine lime plaster, which is created from specially selected mineral crumbs. Thanks to its application, you can create a variety of “concrete results”: from common and severe, up to modern and colorful patterns. This type of finishing material has many advantages – as a natural material it is environmentally friendly. Due to the high pH it prevents outbreaks of the mold, and because there is an extensive network of “channels” between particles, the plaster is well permeable to water vapor, even after impregnation.

Micro Concrete can be combined with a variety of paints and use it to create a beautiful structural effects, although it also looks great by itself, especially since there is nothing that prevents the lime plaster to be tinted to almost any color. This kind of material is more likely to occur in the projects of private investors, but is also often used for interior finishes of hotels, restaurants and industrial facilities. It is primarily due to its usability, but the possibility of creation of countless arrangement with Concrete Micro plaster is also not without significance.

Getting the perfect effect requires a lot of skills – imposing limestone plaster is not an easy task, and applying any correction is generally impossible. Therefore, we recommend that you hire specialists to work with Concrete Micro plaster, instead of doing it on your own. This ensures that all stages of the work will be performed in accordance with the practice and the manufacturer’s instructions, and no error or shortcoming will spoil the result.


  • Concrete Micro lime plaster is a completely natural product. This makes it suitable for finishing facilities with “organic” and “environmentally friendly” standard.
  • Natural properties of raw material prevent the development of mold and most other microorganisms.
  • Lime plaster – used in the system – is extremely resistant to damage. Since the impregnation additionally protects it from weather, this type of finish can be used not only indoors but also outdoors. Micro Concrete is further characterized by an enormous resistance to scrubbing and is insensitive to alkaline detergents.
  • The advantage of Concrete Micro plaster is good adhesion. Thus the resulting layer is stable and uniform, there is no risk of peeling plaster or the formation of unsightly “bubbles”.
  • Lime plasters, including Micro concrete, are durable and practical, and besides are well to fill various kinds of gaps so they improve tightness of walls and generally positively influence the appearance of the surface.


Lime plaster Micro Concrete can be stained to any colors, that can be later combined with each other in a single color composition. So it is not true that the interior of the concrete must be dull and gray.

Concrete Micro is ideal for decorating walls in hotels or restaurants. Its enormous resistance and excellent durability guarantee long-term operation of the room without any additional treatments or thorough overhaul. For the same reason, it is the perfect solution for private investors.

Concrete Micro can be used as a cosmetic filling of concrete elements, as well as a decorative element in the gardens or as a final layer in the creation of landscape architecture.


  • Concrete Micro is applied similarly to most other lime plasters, onto the substrate coated with a suitable primer, but there is one important difference. During drying, as the Concrete Micro plaster is a fine-grained material, drying material may cause some imperfections. It is recommended to apply certain amount of the plaster topically, and then to stretch it in different directions to prevent it.
  • In the case of fine-grained lime plaster there is the possibility of performing additional wiping. You can use for it a Jeans decorative paint with shiny beads porcelain.
  • In the case of fine-grained plaster is particularly important to prevent it from too rapid drying. Do not let the sun to shine directly on the surface of the plaster because it may cause a weakening of its structure or even the crumbling of outer layer. Ensure adequate humidity and if possible carry out work at constant conditions.
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