Carvaggio Brocato

Brocato Caravaggio is a decorative paste that resembles a shimmering gold or pearl fabric. Warm look, velvety texture and beautiful reflections make Caravaggio Brocato adds unique and elegant character to the interiors. Inspired by antique textile coverings this decorative paste looks good on any surface and just a single ray of light is enough to revive it to play with a million subtle reflections thanks to the carefully developed color additive technology.

Brocato Caravaggio is the paste that looks best on large surfaces: walls, suspended ceilings or attic ceilings. The larger the area, the more solar flares, which in the case of this paint have a delicate, silky character. The paste itself does not lose color for a long time, is non-yellowing, but it is perfectly permeable to water vapor and has fungicidal properties, so it can be successfully applied even in a modern, spacious bathroom, to which it will also add a bit of magic charm.
Brocato Caravaggio is well-suited for use in the apartment, as well as hotel or restaurant, due to a tiny, brocade additives, through which the mass retains its universal nature, but also gets the class, which you can hardly find even in the best quality ordinary paints. A wide range of colors allows you to customize the look of the room to suit your requirements without the need for additional treatments.


Brocato Caravaggio is a very versatile paste that can be used in almost every room. Due to the average resistance to washing it does not work best in very crowded places exposed to dirt, but otherwise it looks great anywhere.

  • Bedrooms thanks Caravaggio Brocato will take on a new look. Delicate reflections will add so desired coziness to the room, a velvety texture of the paste will make the bedroom much warmer.
  • Salons and offices, where appearance is as important as functionality, require special care. Brocato Caravaggio is a decorative paste that allows you to add some charm to the room in any conditions. This is an almost magical way to improve the look of the place, which will also serve as a meeting place, place of rest and of a creative, productive work.
  • Suspended ceilings and due to decorative paste Caravaggio Brocato gain a whole new look. Most arrangement leaves them really undeveloped, but with the Caravaggio Brocato paste it will be no more a problem – you can simply paint the ceiling, so that it becomes a part of interior polished in the slightest inch.


  • Average resistance to washing: the weight is not the best in the hallways or stairwells, but instead its price is slightly lower. This allows you to utilize any space without worrying about excessive costs in those areas where they are not necessary.
  • Flexible coating obtained by the weight of Caravaggio Brocato is resistant to adverse factors such as changes in temperature or humidity. The coating is durable because it flexibly adapts to microscopic movements of the wall “working” due to the heat.
  • Velvet, warm to the touch surface is considered by many to be the strongest asset. This ensures that the perceptible temperature in the room is raised, completely changing perception of architectural details, the room becomes much more cozy and friendly.


Caravaggio Brocato paste should be applied to the pre-primed, and then double-painted wall. To apply INOX paste, use INOX trowel or plastic one to use up all the available space. If case of this paste symmetry pattern is not important – it looks the best when simply distributed in different directions or rubbed in a circular motion. Two layers of mass are always applied: opaque and decorative one. In the case of the decorative layer, select any pattern, and maintain its shape over the entire covering of the surface, otherwise there may be some undesirable clearances or wipings. The paste dries after about 8 hours and then the final appearance of the wall is determined. Still it is good, however, especially at lower temperatures or high humidity, to give it a little more time to make sure that the layer dries perfectly.

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