Decorative paste Damascato Caravaggio is a product that allows you to replace the decorative paints. The results obtained with this paste are beautiful, reminiscent of fabric finishes and warm to the touch. Kept in shades of pearl or gold can be both a major element of the arrangement, as well as only its complement. Caravaggio Damascato paste is very flexible and has a good grip, so you can find a lot of different applications for it.

It is a shell that is resistant to ultraviolet rays so it doesn’t lose color and combines the softness of velvet and reflections of warm sun. In appearance it resembles velvet finishes, it is water vapour permeable, completely non-toxic and resistant to mold attack, so that the paste is also suitable for use in wet areas.

Decorative paste Damascato Caravaggio was already used in many homes, apartments and hotels. The only factor that may reduce its functional values, is the average resistance to washing, and this feature does not interfere in any way, if the paste is applied to the ceilings or walls in the locations where the dirt is not very likely. It is the perfect recipe for a finish that must be characterized by versatility and sensitivity, but also should stand out with style and prestige. Caravaggio Damascato paste allows you to create really beautiful arrangements without introducing an elements of chaos that could spoil a lot of interesting ideas for an interior design.


Decorative paste Caravaggio Damascato is an excellent alternative for decorative paints. It can be applied both in private homes, as well as in public objects, because it is beautiful, but sufficiently neutral so it will not dominate the whole arrangement.

  • Bedrooms due to the Caravaggio Damascato decorative paste gain new, warmer face. Since the decorative layer makes an incredibly delicate and pleasant to the touch impression, the bedroom will and finally cease to frighten with naked, cold walls.
  • Ceilings may gain the new depths thanks to this decorative paste. It is good not only to create fascinating patterns on the ordinary ceiling, but it is also light enough and adhesive, so you can use it on the false ceiling. This procedure is used in many hotels, because the ceiling is least exposed to dirt, while the decoration completely changes the way in which the guests perceive the object.
  • Offices and showrooms as a representational space, require special arrangements. Decorative paste allows you to easily create a nice, cozy environment, which, however, will be sending informations about class and prestige. Caravaggio Damascato, thanks to a fairly wide color palettes that you can use when choosing a color of the paste, is a good way of arranging even the “difficult” interiors.


  • The weight is a reasonable compromise between durability and price. It has an average resistance for washing, so it can be used where is a moderate risk of contamination. However, the price allows to cover considerable areas, so it does not mean you will have to abandon plans of covering the entire ceiling with the decoration.
  • Flexibility of the Damascato Caravaggio paste allows it to be used also in places with periodic fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Increased flexibility also ensures greater durability and relatively easiness to apply also in tight spaces.
  • Velvet, warm to the touch surface is an alternative for the cold walls painted with ordinary paints. Thanks to it every room decorated with Damascato Caravaggio paste becomes cozy and warm.

How to apply?

For best results, two layers of decorative paste are applied on twice painted wall. The first has to evenly cover the entire surface, while is only supposed to imprint the pattern. For this purpose, the plastic trowel is used, which allows “stamp” the entire wall with a regular pattern. At the end you have to smooth a little the formed ridges of the paste and wait up to 12 hours until the last layer of decorative paste dries. After that, the surface reaches its maximum durability and its appearance and color are determined. It is important that the first layer weight of the paste is applied evenly and well dried. Otherwise, applying of the decorative layer may cause damage to the the covering layer, which would be hard to fix.

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