Paints from the Sahara family, so Sahara Gold or Sahara Silver is a proposal of flexible, colorful finishes to rooms of various types. The additives that are responsible for the unusual light reflections are particles of quartz, acrylic resins and metallic additives. The visual effect of desert sand glittering in the sun. Thanks to unique formula of base paint, Sahara is one of the easiest to apply decorative paints – very flexible, extremely tacky, yet durable and washing resistant.
Special decorative effects will entirely satisfy the most demanding investors. With the ability of applying in a variety of patterns, Sahara Silver and Sahara Gold decorative paints gained recognition for its enormous flexibility and the ability to handle even the most fantastic projects. Due to the ability to obtain a coarse or fine grains additionally enhances the visual attractiveness, while the fact that the color Sahara paints are fairly neutral, decorative effects derived from its use can be used not only as a basis art arrangement, but also as a finishing element of the architectural details. The same versatility allows for the use of Sahara decorative paints both in homes and in public buildings. Interesting visuals, the possibility of their differentiation and high adhesion and resistance to washing are additional advantages that make Sahara paints prove themselves in virtually every creative use, even at a single layer of paint.


Sahara Sahara Gold and Sahara Silver paints have very good adhesion. This means that it can be applied to almost any surface and anywhere the layer of paint will look equally well. High grip also makes it easier to apply, as it enables the clear resulting effect, the paint does not roll off, do not lose the visual values ​​and the painting itself is much easier. Another advantage of the Sahara family paints is their high resistance to washing. In practice, it is the ability to stay clean. With increased resistance to washing, the dirt on the surface of the paint can be removed with water or water with a mild detergent and color coating will remain beautiful for longer time.

With metallic add-ons and particles of quartz Sahara paints sparkle beautifully. This is not only a great decorative effect, but also a way of illumination and optical enlargement of the room. With subtle reflexes it is also easy to distinguish certain architectural elements such as columns, which painted with ordinary paint wouldn’t look too impressive. What’s also important, the colors of Sahara paints are very durable Sahara. The result? Beautifully-looking surface for a really long time.


Sahara paint stand out with its high versatility. Thanks to the high adhesion the list of materials that can be covered with them is very long, and unusual color and light effects prolongs the list of possible applications. Sahara paints are ideal for painting walls made of drywall, decorative elements, including columns, plinths or platforms, and because of its high resistance to dirt and easiness to clean, these paints are also useful in places where usually dirt may be the serious problem, such as in kitchens and hallways.

The use of Sahara paint is not restricted only to apartments and houses. They also prove themselves well in public buildings, including offices, corridors, lobbies and even in the high-class facilities. The use of decorative paints increases the prestige of the location, raises the standard of the object, but also has a purely practical reasoning: despite the rather complicated process of painting (this is necessary to create interesting visual effects), long years of exploitation should fully compensate the costs.


Sahara decorative paints require 4 preparation stages before it we will be able to achieve a beautiful visual effect and optimal durability. First the surface should be primed, which additionally increases its grip, and above all, reduces the absorbency of the painted material. The first layer of paint should be applied in a color similar to that planned for the decorative layer. We use for it Ecoqua paints, diluted with some water. The first layer will deepen the color, and the decorative layer must be applied on the wall already fumed with abrasive paper. An additional requirement is the application of Sahara paints in stages to have a complete freedom of creating patterns and designs that will perpetuate fairly quickly, but those should be applied after the initial drying of the decorative paint layer. So the procedure is not very easy, but the obtained results are certainly worth every effort.

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