Calce Marmorino vascularity plaster is very noble, great looking and amazingly durable finish. It is made exclusively from natural minerals, based on slaked lime. Vascularity, which are essentially a structural effect, adds an additional charm, but do not affect it’s functionality.
Calce Marmorino plaster is used for decorations of classic and modern interiors – no restrictions due to its universal nature and the possibility of staining in many different colors. In many cases the biggest advantage of the plaster will be its functionality, not its good look – it allows for a lot, being resistant to dirt, shock and scratches. Easy maintenance, the possibility of washing and scrubbing, high vapor permeability and excellent adhesion are arguments that clearly speak for the choice of Calce Marmorino.

Calce Marmorino plasters are especially recommended for intensively exploited places, and therefore vulnerable to accidental damage or dirt. This is primarily for public buildings, hotels, offices and cinemas, but for aesthetic reasons Calce Marmorino is also perfectly good for home interiors, including hallways, bathrooms and kitchens. It can also be used to create decorative elements of outer facade, including rustication. Professional performance of vascularity effect requires a lot of practice. Besides that applying of Calce Marmorino plaster is quite simple because the technique does not differ from that used in the case of other decorative plasters.


  • Hallways, corridors and stairwells, also those with high or very high traffic. Due to the stability of the layer and its resistance to soiling, Calce Marmorino plaster will work perfectly in those places.
  • Thanks to Calce Marmorino decorative plaster bathrooms gain a whole new look, and moreover become more functional, because permeable plaster accelerates moisture infiltration to the outside and prevents the formation of mold outbreaks.
  • Fireplace encased in Calce Marmorino plaster becomes decidedly refined. It is the finish that not only improves the appearance of the room, but also makes it dirt resistant in its most vulnerable part.
  • Kitchen finished with Calce Marmorino plaster becomes more pleasant and cozier place than most of the salons. High vapor permeability is here, as well as in the bathroom, an additional advantage.
  • Rustication using Calce Marmorino plaster is quite difficult, but this decorative art in general is not easy. However, it is effect that matters, and that is definitely better with the with the usage of decorative plaster. Vascularity rustication is one of the most beautiful of such effects.
  • Buildings covered with professional decorative plaster are at last no longer just functional additives and may also be considered truly aesthetic finish of any room.


Besides its excellent aesthetics, Calce Marmorino vascularity plaster has also other advantages. Its functionality makes it probably one of the best plasters in its class.

  • Good diffusion of water vapor through the layer of plaster allows walls to breathe freely. It is important for rooms exposed to moisture: bathrooms, kitchens and rooms with fireplaces with open fires, but also open bio fireplaces or the bedrooms.
  • Resistance to abrasion and to most of universal detergents to easily keep covering plaster really clean and in visually perfect condition for many years.
  • Since Calce Marmorino plaster is a completely natural product, it can be used in environmentally friendly buildings.
  • Good adhesion to various substrates allows for easy and as economical as possible applying of the plaster in virtually any environment.


  • Vascularity is applied to a tube or a spatula on the first layer of Calce Marmorino plaster. Before their precision treatment, wait about 8 hours, until the layer of plaster dries.
  • Structural layer of plaster is applied in such a way as to create a precise pattern along a pre-plotted vascularity lines. Suitable trowel application will also allow to give the original surface texture. Surface of the drying plaster has to be smoothed and plaster should be completely dry before priming it. Priming and impregnation is carried by transparent paint diluted with water.

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